Muddy Bloody and Retexture vanilla armors by cald123
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Added: 18/03/2017 - 02:16AM
Updated: 25/03/2017 - 03:58AM

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Last updated at 3:58, 25 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 2:16, 18 Mar 2017

3/24/2017  Hot Fix added for male Riften armor 2k , still need other file  . Overwrite when asked fixes crash when in carriage to Riften .  

3/23/2017  Fixed possible ctd issues I apologize for any inconvenience .

Lets just get installation out of the way . This is a simple texture replacer use NMM or Mod organizer overwrite if prompted.
Chapter 1 does not need dlc  future chapters will .
Last four pictures are SSE more to come when I do SSE page .
  When I started this it was meant only to finish up forsworn armors for male in mud and blood mod I did . Well they are done and a can be gotten here . This thing started becoming a monster  because I saw the interaction with mods that use vanilla textures . The Book of UUNP Bodyslide - UNP - Sevenbase  Some pictures show versions of these armors  but are representative of vanilla armors just the same also if any of the armors were in this mod UNP Spice Gear Collection Female hold armor pics . 
  The file naming was done with chapter tag because I plan on doing more armors in the future . Here is a list of ones that are done according to file name .

   Stormcloak ( Hold/Guard ) s
   Imperial s
   Steel s
   Nordic Plate
   Iron s
   The little green " s "  is shields  .
Normals were done for some of the armors and shields to give wet look and texture . The package includes the normals of all armors listed because that is how it was tested and also to insure that there is no incompatability . Almost all body armors were resized to 2k on the diffuse side . Gloves, boots , and helmets were done in 1k .  This is representative of the vamilla build of 1k for body 512 for everything else.

 Chapter2 will more than likely be the rest of hide type armors and any updates and changes and also dlc armors  ( reason for requirement ).

  This works on sse and page will be made later .

 Credits :
 Paintshop pro
 daz3d brushes 
 Deviant art : brushes and chainmail texture Imperial  

   Permission : Open I only ask for credit . 

   Special Request anyone who want to put this up for ps4 contact me apparently I am very CK illiterate even with good instructions . This I only ask because my sons  18 and 20 respectively are jealous with what Skyrim looks like on my pc And I would like to give them this small taste .   

  Thank you 0nelazybattlemaga ( SSE Pics ), Alpineyj , Sagittariusmoon  , and Mrtroublemaker  for testing and encouragement as I got deeper into this project .