More Realistic Speeds - Player NPC Horse Werewolf by tujestem
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Hi i present only my point of view of the mod called:  Skyrim Speeds - walk run sprint horses werewolves by Wolfmark - it's original file, he did a fantastic mod (contains application for change speeds).
So if you want different speeds use his mod, or make it yourself using his application.

I edit vanilla speeds only (for my tastes, but i decided to share this file with community), i think that speeds, now are similar to real. I tested/edited this mod for some time and it's ideal for me :D

simply copy ESP file to Skyrim Data folder (and enable it in launcher), or install by  MO, NMM

Recommended mod:
Same Walk and Run Speeds by Wolfmark - "mod, that sets the walk and run speeds for all NPCs to the same values used by player. Is a "must have" if you increase the default walk speed, otherwise the fast walking NPCs will be even more faster."

I personally use combination of "my" mod, same walk and run speeds by Wolfmark and Disparity -- Player Character Class - Race and Gender Diversity by kryptopyr for adjust speeds carryweights, bonuses etc, for all races and weights. Its ideal for me because i like fast/assasin type characters - simply, if you have a 0 weight, u can move faster than someone who have 100weight.

Sorry for my english if u can't understand it :)

wolfmark - for make skyrim speeds... and same walk....
kryptopyr - for make disparity