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In Earth’s ancient history Semiramis, Demi-Goddess, Queen, Warrior, builder of cities, conqueror of men on the battlefield and of their hearts. Now in Skyrim, dropped off by the Anunnaki.  Whether as a cruel joke on their part or a choice of hers to rule the lives of men again you choose.  As a cruel joke she would be a commoner, slave etc of your choosing.  As Demi-Goddess, Queen-Warrior put her in “tgm”and let her run amok.


Enhanced Character Edit
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot 
Brows by Hvergelmir
ApachiiSkyHair By Apachii
Beauty Spot -Skyrim Warpaint-by aoringo
RANs Eyeliner Replacer By Ran46
Seductive Lips HD

Appearance will vary depending on the meshes/textures/ENB you use.

Recommended (Optional):

If you want her to look like screenshots bodywise,
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
UNP HDT-PE BBP TBBP by Turbosundance
Pride of Valhalla - Super HD Skin Set for UNP-UNPB-7B-CBBE by Dracofish aka MelissaGT
Facelight Plus by gunder
SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa

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