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Please tell me if you like, request things if you want!and please take a look at my plans section I added. You can upload images of your created presets you made with one of these presets here I will accept images.

0.5 is here I had no idea that the woodelf preset weren't in the archive super sorry I must be super hated right now. how I found out is I was about to make a female woodelf for you guys and the preset weren't there, luckily I backed it up when I re-vanilled my skyrim and when I put my prettyfaces presets back in from the archive I uploaded and downloaded to check there was no problem didn't have it in so sorry again knowing me I guess there's gonna be another stupid mistake in my file. I hope not I don't think there is anyway. That doesn't mean there won't be any updates because there will when I start making males yaay. I have a texture I'm happy with now.

If they look horrible on the texture your using post a link and name of the skin texture your using and I will make them pretty for those textures

What made me want to make these and upload them?
well I understand that people really want beautiful characters, but they may struggle so I thought well these faces would be a great start of and I did make them for bases for making new characters and knowing people out there may need help I decided I will upload them.

These are presets for all races apart from argonian. I have done one for the Lykios race, but I won't be uploading it  I may do some for requested races. really sorry that I don't have any male presets on nexus yet I wonder if you guys are excited and no I don't think it's only males on this site, I'm sure you understand though when I put guys I mean everyone. PLEASE feel free to comment I won't delete them. Also if your  even if they are horrible and could you also suggest me some skin textures for the male that are seamless in the comments/post section or send me message via forums.

if you see bags under your characters eyes where it say lower eyelids and higher eyelids in the eye part make it until you see the bags go a bit then look at your eyelid height and put it to where it looks best I do that all the time when I have an annoying bag under my characters eye. you could just use sculpt, but that would be to much work for me to keep messing around with that.

plan to upload a big load of males because I remembered that this site is full of female crap and I've only got female presets at the moment don't worry there shall be more male presets I make than female

Requirements RaceMenu by expired6978
SKSE you can find on google and to be honest I think nearly everyone has it
and other requirements for racemenu.
Sorry I can't remember what textures I used. I know I made the sk skin textures blank as well as the s

What I used
I used the skin universalizer of fair skin complexion

Other things I've uploaded

Use it freely BUT yes there is a big but you must credit me for the help in the face :P and you can convert it to ECE as I heard it's called, if you do make a preset using this and you upload the file please send me a link in the comments because I would love to see what lovely presets you make. because I don't know how if you could tell me how that would be great.

Madiera for his images