10 trials of sovngarde by bladeofthunder
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Added: 15/03/2017 - 06:08AM
Updated: 21/04/2017 - 08:01AM

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Last updated at 8:01, 21 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 6:08, 15 Mar 2017

the point of this mod is to find 11 keys scattered throughout the game to unlock 11 doors to sovngarde I wont spoil where most of the keys are the keys look like embalming tools

these trials are not easy be ready, have plenty of potions, and maybe a follower to assist you

for the trial go to the throat of the world.

update: alpha 1.1 added: a book of riddles in alvors house un riverwood a new dungeon and weapon changed the location of two of the keys added a key to the new dungeon in the hall of valor

the 1.1.1 update didn't change anything I was just making sure I uploaded the right file

update alpha 1.2.0 added zerall a strong mage located in the dragonsreach prison he hold the key to the depths of sovngarde th key to the depths is not is sovngarde anymore pickpocker zerall or kill him to get the key

also changed the model, effect, and damage of the weapon in the depths well as a name change

future plans: make a longer dungeon to obtain the weapon, make a custom model for the divine buster (the weapon), make custom effectfor the divine buster.
NOTE: I will always accept opinions and suggestions my only request is you keep it constructive keep in mind I havnt been modding for very long