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From the creator of the 'Khinara Jade' preset comes forth 'Rose'!

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A lot of people seemed to enjoy my other two presets; Khinara Jade and Belle, so I decided to make another one! :D Introducing Rose~ Her look is a bit over-the-top with makeup and hair, and not lore-friendly at all (imo), but I wanted to upload her anyway because not everyone plays 100% lore-friendly. Yes she looks like a model (not to toot my own horn or anything lmao), but if you don't like it you can remove her makeup and change her hairstyle to your liking. I didn't use any dirt, scars, or warpaint to leave some customization open for those who want her to use those and tweak them themselves. I hope you enjoy!

Update: Added a new version that just closes her mouth, for picky people. xP

Important Note #1: If you have any questions, please see the F.A.Q. section down below before commenting,
otherwise your question will be disregarded (unless it's a question that hasn't been answered in the F.A.Q.)

In order for this preset to work, and for her to look the same as in the screenshots
you will need the following mods:


SRG Female Textures


Natural Eyes

Better Makeup for SKSE
 (Choose the "High Res Female Face Makeup for SKSE" file)

2k Lip Tints

Apachii Sky Hair (Choose the second file in the Optional files, version 1.5)

Apachii Sky Hair Natural Retexture

Important Note #2: ENBs, head meshes, and skin textures can all have an impact on what your character will look like.
For best results, make sure you have all of the required mods installed, and installed properly. Example:

1. Download and install with NMM/MO, or manually install by extracting it into your Data folder.

2. Once in-game, press "`" to open up the console (or skip to [5] if you're starting a new game)

3. Type "showracemenu" without the quotation marks and press Enter

4. Press "`" to close the console

5. Set your Race to Nord

6. Set your Gender to Female

7. Make sure your "Complexion" slider is set to 0 under the "Head" tab

8. Click on the "Sculpt" tab in the upper right

9. Press F9 and click on Rose's Head.nif, a window should come up, press E to accept

10. Click on the "Presets" tab in the upper right

11. Press F9 and click on Rose.jslot (or Rose - SYPH.jslot if you use the "Shut Your Pie Hole" version)

12. Press R, click "Yes", Enter a name for your character, then press E. 

You're done! :)

[1] Q: Will you be making her into a follower?

A: Probably not, sorry.

[2] Q: Why not? You made Khinara Jade into a follower.

A: Because it's tedious and I'm lazy :/

[3] Q: Can you make this preset for Enhanced Character Edit (ECE)? 

A: I don't use that and I don't know how. :(

[4] Q: Will you be porting this over to SSE?

A: Maybe once SKSE64 comes out, we'll see. 

[5] Q: What ENB do you use?

A: I use Vivid Weathers with Vivid Weathers ENB (The ENB is in the Main Files of Vivid Weathers)

[6] Q: Why are her lips open? It looks stupid. How do I close them?

A: I think it gives her a more lifelike, sexy look. To each their own, I suppose.
Just uploaded an optional file for this called "Shut Your Pie Hole", you're welcome.

by Expired

SRG Female Textures
by Seren4XX

by Hvergelmir

Natural Eyes
by nevenbridge

Better Makeup for SKSE

by Diethardt

2k Lip Tints
by Miriam

Apachii Sky Hair
by Apachii

Apachii Sky Hair Natural Retexture
by Hein84

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