Equippable Tomes - BCS Texture Replacer by Lillharti
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Added: 14/03/2017 - 04:25PM
Updated: 07/04/2017 - 08:40AM

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This is a simple texture replacer for Robbie922004's 'Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books' mod.
The textures are part of DanielCoffey's & doccdr's 'Book Covers Skyrim' mod.

This project is my first work in handling textures, it was a project set out to be a learning experience which also involved a lot of fun. I was happy with the result and therefore decided to share it.
NOTE: I HAVE NOT CREATED THE TEXTURES MYSELF - credits for those belongs to mentioned author.

Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books by Robbie922004

Recommended - however not required
Book Covers Skyrim by DanielCoffey

Download ONE of the files in the file section (either the Desaturated or the Saturated/Original version) and install via an adequate Mod Manager.
Make sure this mods overwrites Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books.
There is no .esp as this is a simple texture replacer

Anything overwriting the textures of the Spell Tomes from the 'Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books' will cause a conflict.

Firstly, credits goes to Robbie922004 who provided me with permission to use his assets as well as taking the time to personally give me directions and suggestions that made this work possible. Thank you! 
Secondly, credits goes to DanielCoffey and those who've contributed to the work of Book Covers Skyrim since the textures included within this mod uses those included in their work.