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This mod aims to retexture cloaks and capes added by other mods to fit the lore, quality, and style of the popular Designs of the Nords banner replacement mod.

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Cloaks of the Nords
  is a Cape & Cloak Replacement Mod which aims to retexture all capes and cloaks added by other mods such as Cloaks of Skyrim.
 The goal is to retexture them so that the lore, quality, and style of all capes and cloaks match that of Designs of the Nords. Elements included contain previous work by Foxia and KEBW1144 which were used in the Designs of the Nords banner replacement mod. This mod is not complete. I will be updating this mod on a regular basis until completed. So far, I have only worked on capes from Cloaks of Skyrim.  For now, Worn capes are completed. I still need to retexture static capes and and I have just begun work on the cloaks. Please let me know if you have questions.

For the 
Special Edition
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This mod was created with compatibility in mind. It was made for Cloaks of Skyrim as of now. You will have to make a choice on which textures you wish to overwrite from that mod. This has been tested successfully, but if you seem to find an issue, please send it my way and I'll do my best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks to DonProtein (Sinitar Gaming) for featuring the mod in the video above

Please make sure to endorse and thank KEBW1144, NikinoodlesNazenn, and Foxia for helping create elements that I used in this mod.