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An attractive Redguard racemenu preset without the need for other plugins or texture packs. Now with save file alternatives available allowing to be 100% free from requirements.

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--Sheva, a Simple Seductive Redguard Racemenu Preset and Save Game. WYSIWYG--

The pictures in the gallery are vanilla or "vanilla+", featuring skyrimaguas' Superiour Lore-Friendly Hair (Rough 1k version shown), Xenius' XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement, and Matcat221's Better Freckles. These mods are purely textures, no .esps needed. This mod was designed with the vanilla textures in mind. Add your own spice, if you wish.

Now, attractive women are ten a penny on the Nexus. It's almost a running joke that everyone puts up their lady-types here, as followers or as presets.

However, two things that is sorely lacking are one, presets that don't rely on this and that hairpack and a particular body replacer and a ton of other stuff you need to download to get something close to the eye-catching but post-processed images you see in the gallery. You go through all that and by the time you're done you either don't want to bother playing anymore or you get something not quite right. You got suckered in by a pretty face like anyone would. I don't blame you.

The second thing missing is properly "ethnic" Redguard women, all too often you see "Redguards" who a really just slightly tan Nords, Imperials, or Bretons. Few capture the real exotic beauty of Redguards and their real-world inspirations. Now, I'm no artist, no fashionista, no modeller, no-one, but I think I have something to fills both niches.

Lady-lovers and xenophiliacs, I present to you Sheva! *Doot doo doo dooo~!* This is a preset based around the 4th vanilla game's example Redguard, only touched up and enhanced by the features given to us by the almighty Racemenu. Other than that mod to load it (and its own requirement, SKSE), nothing else is needed and with the new save files not even those are strictly needed! Vanilla pictures are in the gallery, along with a "vanilla+" example so you can really get a perfect idea of what you're getting. No need to download CBBE, no need to switch body replacers, nor do you need to download a bunch of texture packs or hair packs that could bloat up your game. Nope, this is good a old-fashioned, the-way-Todd-intended, style-appropriate Redguard who happens to be easy on the eyes. WYSIWYG And now with the save files, getting is easier than ever!

Tired of strong Nord women flooding the scene? Is demure and pointy-eared too anime? Care about how your character looks under that Ebony helm while playing in 1st person? You want to play as a Redguard woman to prove to the internet you're not racist AND not sexist AT THE SAME TIME?! Or just plain love dark-skinned women? Install SKSE, Racemenu, and then slot this into the right folder and in no time flat, BAM! You can get right into a game a' Skyrim with the peace of mind that you're one hot piece of Hammerfell desert treasure and can happily go around stabbing dragons or punching skeletons or whathaveyou. I have no idea what you get up to in your game. I can't make any assumptions based on your mod list (not that I should) because I can't tell you what you need! See? The possibilities are endless! See that mod? You don't have to install it to look pretty! The best cure for restartitis, guaranteed*

Now, you might be the kind of player that likes to have something to work on for roleplay. And seeing as inclusivity is a goal here, let me tell you about who Sheva could be. You might notice there's a second preset name Sheva Khajiiti.jslot. That's because Sheva is perhaps not from Hammerfell at all!
Redguards are highly sort after mercenaries and sellswords, it's no wonder then how a Hammerfell-born mercenary came to be in the employ of a suave Khajiit noble who needed his body guarded. That professional relationship became a close bond, and that close bond became a vow to love each other forever. And, naturally, their union resulted in the birth of a beautiful daughter named Sheva. Born of two cultures, Sheva had a somewhat hard time growing up in a land of cats. Though Khajiit are as diverse a people within themselves as they are compared to the rest of Tamriel's races, the simple fact remained that Sheva was not as fast or as nimble as peers. She painted her face like the Ohmes, she talked like Khajiit, she took interest in their courts and politics. But she was no true cat, she couldn't hide that. Her softhearted nature also put her at odds with some of the more... contentious aspects of Elsweyri culture and their loose ideas of "ownership". Her martial training from her mother, who insisted her child learn to defend herself in Redguard tradition was also a trying time. Many a week spent sparring, with tough philosphical tutelage from her hardened veteren of a mother. Sheva tried her best, but the opulent courts made soft living more sensible than the rough outlook of a mercenary.
<br />
<br />Still, her parental love persevered and she grew to become an independant woman in her own right. Yet she didn't feel wholly belonging to Eldweyri society, nor did she have any real experience of her mother's homeland, only bedtime stories and lessons in sweat and toil. To help resolve her conflict, she decided to visit Hammerfell for herself. Passing through Skyrim to avoid the increased beaurocracy, she intended to head right for the Redguard province before she stumbled into a situation she could not have anticipated. Assumed to be a Stormcloak mercenary due to her race, she was captured along with Ulfric Stormcloak by General Tullius and sentenced to death in Helgen for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But just as the headsman's ax was ready to make the chop, black wings come unfurled...
Of course, that's just one story you could play. I'm not going to come to your house and dictate how you play, what you play, or how you use or change this face. You've got the clean face without the whisker paint and the same face only with the paint and a cat scratch as separate files, 'Sheva.jslot' and 'Sheva Khajiiti.jslot' respectively, just in case you're too lazy to want to remove it yourself. The save files are divided in the same way, "clean" and "Khajiit". Please, if you do use this face for something outside of personal use post a comment or link to this entry. It's not a requirement, it's not like I can stop you or anything. Still, I'd be flattered if you did want to use it! Be sure to thank whoever made the original game's preset too, I can take no true credit for all this.

Save games for true independence now available so Sheva is now able to be played by anyone! Simply drop the desired save file (.ess) into where Skyrim's save files are stored (Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves) and play the game!