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Adds teddy bear follower: Rupert.

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Meet Rupert, the Teddy Bear follower.

He is voiced by MeekVoice.

How To Get Him

There is a very small quest to find the magical book he lives in. To start it, find the note in the Winterhold College Library. It's at the foot of the librarian's desk. It should give you a map marker pointing to his book.

How To Use Him

He can always be summoned and debugged by opening "The Cub House" book. When you dismiss him, he will return inside his book. If you lose the book, you can give yourself another via the MCM option, or by using console commands (top entry). If you want to get him off your back, you can "drop" him like you would any other piece of armor. Everything else should be pretty standard.

The outfit he wears determines his combat style, skills and stats. However, his armor rating improves as he (and the player) levels up by way of perks and is not directly affected by his outfit.

As of version 1.3+, Rupert should be considered relatively script-heavy, at least compared to the majority of followers. If this is a concern, I recommend you open the MCM and set the Scan Frequency to 0 and potentially avoid the Panda outfit. Note that this will disable features including his ability to jump over obstacles.


Rupert comes with an assortment of outfits. You can ask him to change through dialogue commands. More outfits will unlock depending on different factions you join or perks you have. He will change into the outfit automatically, by himself, when you first unlock the outfit. This will only happen once, meant as a notification to the player that the outfit has been unlocked.

If you install Rupert on a game in which you have already met the qualifications for multiple outfits, he may cycle through them when you first meet him. Some outfits also reset his dialogue recast timers, causing him to potentially repeat lines he recently said. Armor and accessories he acquires that are not a part of his outfit will be moved to the chest next to his house to keep them safe (from Rupert).

The other features should be pretty intuitive, and many have options to be set in the MCM. You're better off discovering them on your own.

How To Unlock His Outfits

  • The Winter outfit will be given to the Player when they use the book for the first time.
  • The Panda / Healer outfit can be found in a chest within the Temple in Whiterun.
  • The Cookware outfit can be unlocked by crafting it at a forge or anvil.
  • The Dragonplate outfit can also be unlocked by crafting it, when you have the necessary perk.
  • The Thief outfit will appear in a chest in the Thieves Guild headquarters once you have stolen or pickpocketed 10 times since joining the guild. Rupert will tell you he thinks he should "wear a mask."
  • The rest will be unlocked automatically as you meet the requirements. Feel free to let me know if you prefer the extra requirements or would prefer them to unlock automatically as you meet the requirements.The outfit cheat toggle is still available in the MCM.


Requires Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC.

Rupert is incompatible with follower overhaul mods and they should ignore each other by default. His has his own follower system, independent from vanilla. Forcing him into a follower overhaul's system will cause you problems, especially if you switch outfits.

For those of you using Frostfall, carrying Rupert on your back will give you the same amount of warmth as a cloak.
MCM is only accessible if you have SkyUI and it's requiremets.


MeekVoice - Voice Actor
CDPR for plate, toy horse, and bear torso.
Lazy Voice Finder by BowmoreLover
Vertical Shift by Chriz2fer
Realistic Eyeglasses by mannygt
Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles
Wizard Hats by SirWho
Scarves of Skyrim by Natterforme
Wolf Bikini Armor (mask) by Nisetanaka
Squeek - Pguzzell