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clefj and agerweb

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Two Towns on the frozen northern coast, including a splendid player home

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SSE Version here

Update 02 Nov 20 -
Version 3.1 - I missed some greyface files from the original download, I have added them into this one, otherwise no change.


Here presented are two towns on the Northern Coast  west of Solitude, consisting of a new version of  Clefj's Weistone and his unpublished Port Amon. I have added new buildings, new NPC's and replaced most of the NPC packages and fiddled about with the interiors as is my want. Weistone has a Manor (now bigger) as a Player Home which is yours if you can find the old Thane, once you have the key visit Broderick and you will get access to the Clocktower underground. You can travel between the two ports on the longboat (activator on the wheel)

Details: Weistone:  11 buildings, a mine, and two undergrounds areas (includes a player home and the towers now have insides). population 29.
Details: Amon: 9 buildings and a mine. Population 29.

Added on request a Amon and Weistone only versions in optional files


No doubt some tidying up will be required on this version after which I will be issuing another version of Northern Towns which will be hooked into my Pirates of the North Sailing network; that version will be developed further with quests and whatnot tied into my Pirates mod.


Patch for Helgen Reborn provided the patch should be after both Northern Towns and Helgen in your load order.
Apart from this at present this does not clash with any other mods I am aware of, except obviously Clefj's Weistone. In this Mod Amon is where Weistone used to be and Weistone is in a different place, for my own Machiavellian reasons.

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Modders Resource Credits:

Resources from Nernie's City and Village Expansion
Furniture from Building Kits by Jet4571
Resources from Jokerine
Statics from FPI Research
Oven and Kitchen Stuff by Stroti via Tamira
Stoneware and Paintings by Darkrider

Clutter by insanity

Lolicept Resources by lolikyonyu
Allstuff from Elianora
Cyrodill Galleon by markusliberty
Generic Signs by Andalay Bay
Thatch texture
by gdelforge
Barrels by Yuril
Catering from Lilith