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The Great Realism Overhaul is a huge gameplay overhaul. It makes Skyrim very realistic, really challenging and perfectly balanced.

I began working on this mod in April 2016.

Note that it is designed to be played on legendary difficulty, but the difficulty is ultimately up to the dragonborn to decide.

This is still a work in progress so it will continue to be improved and fleshed out as time goes on =)

First, a short version of what it does, then the long version with all the interesting details and how everything works.

The Great Realism Overhaul

- A deadly and fast paced combat system with a new stamina system, a new health system, a dodging system and a injury system that requires planning, skill and timing to master.

- A completely redone economy system with a new selling to buying ratio and realistic prices that makes sense. The new selling to buying ratio makes the economy more dynamic and the new prices makes gold a very important part of the game. While you will earn gold faster, you also have to spend much more gold, making it very balanced.

- Disabled fast travel, so now the dragonborn has to spend money on a horse or a carriage to get around faster.

- A completely reworked and expanded crafting system that is more realistic. You will now need a blacksmiths hammer to smith metal and you can now actually make gold off the things you craft.
(the hammer is on the well in whiterun)

- New racial stats, abilities and powers that are 100% lore friendly and makes each race stand out, and feel unique.

- Realistic carry weight, that makes the dragonborn choose his equipment wisely.

- Loot is now more rare and the dragonborn has to look for the most valuable items to pick up, rather than mindlessly picking up everything.

- A new reworked stealth system, that makes enemies search for you a lot longer and over a larger erea. Their line of sight is now more important for them to find you.

- New and reworked perks that makes sense for the skill it represents and makes the gameplay interesting and immersive.

- Tons and tons of smaller changes that improves overall immersion, balance and realism.

Now that we got the short version out of the way, here is the long version that will tell you EVERYTHING this mod does and how it 


(Damage done to player x Damage done to NPCs)

Legendary: 2 x 2 (Recommended difficulty)
Master: 1.8 x 2
Expert: 1.5 x 2
Adept: 1 x 2
Apprentice: 0.5 x 2
Novice: 0.1 x 2

Reason for doing it this way:
In the vanilla game the player would deal less and less damage the higher the difficulty. This is what I would call a illusion of difficulty or fake difficulty. It appears that the enemies have more health, but in reality they don’t, it is just the player that does less damage. This never made any sense to me, so I made the player always do the same amount of damage and now it is only the damage done to the
player by the enemies that changes when you change the difficulty. The result is that the difficulty feel much more fair, balanced and more consistent.



The stats for every single weapon has been redone to be more realistic and balanced. The damage has been changed for every weapon in order to make each weapons damage make sense according to its size, material and design.

The speed of every weapon has been changed in order to be realistic and make sense according to its size, material, weight and design. This makes every weapon feel more unique.


The stats for every single armor in the game has been redone to be more realistic and balanced. Armor ratings are now much higher, and this means a good armor is now very important to survive.

Light armor offers mobility and speed, over protection.

Heavy armor offer protection over mobility and speed. It also drains stamina slowly over time when you run in it.


You can no longer turn around mid swing. This means that if an enemy charges at you with a forward power attack, all you really have to do is side step, and watch them whoosh past you, missing you by inches. However, this requires skill and timing, and it means you can miss your blows as well, making it balanced, challenging and fun.

Reason for doing it this way:
This overhaul started out as a combat overhaul, and evolved from there, but foundation of this mod is the combat system. I spent a lot of time doing “research” on how much damage medieval weapons actually do and how effective armors actually are and then tried to replicate this in the game. The result of all of these changes is a fast paced and deadly combat system where the players skill and timing plays a big role.


Health has been redone and will now regenerate extremely slowly. It will take about 4 days to go from 0 health to 100 health if you just wait for it to heal back up. Sleeping and leveling up will still auto heal you to full heath. Health potions now heal slowly over time, and cannot be spammed. Cooked meat also heals slowly over time.

(Note that the values for the healing looks very high (example: 20000% faster) but the effect is still very slow because of the very slow base regen)

Injury system

The lower your health is, the slower you move. This is to simulate injury and limping.

Reason for doing it this way:
I always disliked how fast the health regenerated inthe vanilla game. You could always just wait an hour after the fight and you would be back to full health. 
Now you have to bring healing potions or food, and be prepared for a fight, as you would have to be in real life. You can also no longer just spam healing potions mid combat and be fine instantly, you can take one potion and then you have to wait for the effect to work. This makes combat feel much more dangerous and deadly as you have no “free get away card” to fall back on, only your skills.


Stamina has now been redone and is now much more important. When you run out of stamina, you can no longer run and can only walk for 1-2 seconds. It is to simulate the effect of being completely exhausted, and having to slow down to catch your breath. Stamina regenerates a bit slower
now, but sprinting and power attacks now take less stamina. 

Normal attacks with one handed weapons now use up abit of stamina, for two handed weapons this effect is more noticeable because the weapon is heavier. Holding an arrow drawn when using a bow also drains
stamina, because drawing a proper bow in real life requires a good amount of
strength, a holding an arrow drawn requires a huge amount of strength. Archers will now want to fire more quickly to save stamina, making good aim that much more

Note that certain perks give boosts to stamina, inorder to balance it out later in the game. All of these changes makes managing your stamina moreimportant, especially in combat.

Reason for doing it this way:
One thing you will notice if you get very tired inreal life is that it is you slow down. This is true for almost all types of fatigue but it is especially noticeable when you are in a combat situation, where moving quickly is essential both for offence and defense. I did kickboxing for 4 years and trying to fight while you are exhausted is very difficult because your tired body simply move to slowly to fight efficiently. This is a balanced, realistic and fair stamina system thatmakes sense. It plays a very small role when out of combat, whilst at the same time being an important or sometimes even deciding factor in combat.


Magica will now regenerate much slower, making magic more balanced. This will mean that magic is a limited weapon or aid. You have to spend your magica wisely. This applies to NPCs as well. Starting spells have been removed from all races, andonly some magically gifted races start out with spells. 
Note that these are the only change made to magic. All spells and enchantments will be overhauled and balance better, but this has not been done yet.

Reasons for doing it this way:
These changes balances out the magic. Magic is really effective and powerful in this mod, therefore it needed to be limited.


The entire economy has been redone. This means that almost every single item has been given a new and more realistic price. The new prices means that gold becomes a very important part of the game. You will now earn gold faster, but things are much more expensive, meaning you will have to spend more gold as well. 
This balance makes the economy dynamic and intresting. Vendors gold have been increased, however they will no longer be able to buy all the things you have to sell. This means that the player has to do abit of trading for it to even out. This makes buying and selling a much more interesting game, that can be played smart, in order to maximize profits. 

Reasons for doing it this way: 
I wanted the economy to feel more alive and dynamic. I never liked the vanilla economy and wanted to improve it and give it a bit of depth. Making gold more important has been one of the main goals of the changes.


Every single crafting/smiting/cooking recipe in the game has been redone. That means every single recipe is based on the materials the item consists of. So for example the iron sword will now require wood because the in game model has a grip that is made of wood. Little details like that has been added to all of the recipes. 
You will now need tools to craft certain items. If the item has any metal, you will need a blacksmiths hammer. (Can be found on the well in whiterun) And if you are going to smelt any ores, you will need a shovel (can also be found on the well in whiterun) Another feature is that every single item that can becrafted can be sold for a small profit. It’s a bit complicated, but the value of each item in the game is determined by the cost of making it. So if you get the materials for cheap enough you can sell the item for a profit. So almost every price in this mod is calculated from the cost of the materials it took to make said item. (that took a lot of time to do) In addition to this, I have made a huge amount ofitems craftable, that were not craftable before, including weapons, armors, clothing and misc items. (Clothing has not been added yet) (Might add scroll crafting) Some recipes require certain quests to be done beforeyou can learn to craft it.

Reasons for doing it this way: 
These changes binds the crafting and the economytogether. The realistic prices comes from the fact that they are actually based on the cost of the material it took to make an item. This system took time to make but it makes the crafting and the ecomony so much more immersive and interesting.


New and reworked perks that makes sense for the skill it represents. Almost all perk trees now have a much more interesting look that matches the constellations in the background.I have given a lot of perks much more depth and changed them to increase more gradually and overall be better balanced. Certain perks that didn’t make sense for a specific perk tree have been removed, and some have new ones have been added where I felt there was lacking some perks, while some existing one have just simply been tweaked a little. All of this means that perks are now more immersive,balanced, believable and lore friendly.Here are the perk trees that have been changed so far 

Smithing (renamed to crafting)
Marksman (renamed to archery)
One handedTwo handed
Heavy armor
Light armor

Note that all races start out with the first perk inheavy and light armor already unlocked in the start by default for all races. It makes more sense that you don’t have to unlock the ability for armor to
actually deflect damage. 

(alchemy is coming in the next version)
(All of the magic perks are still vanilla but will bedone in the future)

Reasons for doing it this way:
The vanilla Perks were very boring and uninspired. I wanted them to be more diverse, give them more depth and make them more interesting as well as make more sense for the skill they represented.


The entire stealth system has been redone.

Npcs sight has been imroved and they can now spot you over a longer distance, so staying out of sight is now really important.

NPCs hearing is now realistic. If you are good, and your quipment is light enough, they will not hear you sneaking up on them from behind untill you are right behind them. However doing the same with heavy armor, and they will hear you from a much bigger distance. If you use a loud spell, they will hear that very well.

Search AI
If they are alerted and start searching they will search for much longer, more thoroughly, and over a much larger erea. If you shoot them with a arrow or a spell, they will not stop searching untill they find you. 

Your sneak skill now has a much bigger impact on how easy you are to detect. This is balanced though and NPCs are still not completely blind and deaf at level 100, they just have a harder time hearing and seeing you. 

Sleeping NPCs are deep asleep and will only wake up if you get very close.

So being a stealthy character will now require skill and a bit of planning, and patience.

Resons for doing it this way:
The vanilla stealth system made very little sense and was easy to exploit. I wanted a realistic stealth system that made sense and put emphasis on the players actions. Finding a good spot to hide, learning the routines of NPCs to sneak past them or lauch a succsessful sneak attack etc. 


Loads of changes has been done to enemies in order tomake them more interesting and challenging and most importantly: Balanced. 

Improved combat AI

All humanoid NPCs now fight much smarter as I haveimproved the combat AI for all humanoid NPC. This means that they will block more, be more aggressive and they can even disrupt your attack with a bash and
counter with their own attack.

NPC Behavior

I have disabled the auto dodge feature that made NPCsauto dodge arrows even if they didn’t see it coming.Enemy achers are now less accurate and will miss ashot every now and then.Enemy archers will now use the arrows they have andthey can now run out of arrows. 

Animal behavior

Mudcrabs will no longer be hostile as they are muchsmaller than the dragonborn and just want to be left alone.Normal Skeevers will now run away from the dragonborn,as they are much smaller than the dragon born and get scared away just like real rats and mice. Note that the venomfang Skeevers are still aggressive and have a nasty bite.Wolves will no longer attack on sight, but rather guard their territory. If you get too close, they will try to rip you apart.The same can be said for bears, however sabre catswill still attack on sight as they see the dragonborn as a nice lunch.


Dragons are now the bosses they always were supposed to be. It now truly feels like a battle to defeat them.


The stats for almost every single enemy in the game hasbeen adjusted. Their size usually determines how much health they have, as it makes sense that a larger enemy would be able to shrug of more damage than a smaller enemy would be able to purely because they have thicker hide fur/scales. The damage output has also been adjusted to make sense for the attack that each enemy does. Almost all enemies are now challenging to fight in one way or another. These adjustments is what makes the world feel dangerous, untamed and wild. Certain enemies are best to be avoided until you are properly prepared to fight them.

Reasons for doing it this way:
This makes enemies more realistic and challenging. Thedifficulty of the game very much depends on the stats of the enemies. So therefore, I have spent a lot of time making sure that the stats for each enemy is as
realistic and balanced as possible.

Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity has been reduced to 100 for every race. I have adjusted the weight of every single item in thegame to have realistic weight so that it all makes sense and works. It is now
much more realistic and balanced.You can use a backpack mod with this, but if you gobeyond 50 extra carry weight you are “cheating” XD.This makes picking out the valuable loot a much moreimportant and keeps you from mindlessly picking up everything. You now also only gain 1.5 extra carry capacity perstamina level you take.

Reasons for doing it this way:
I wanted looting to be more involved and interestingthan just picking up everything mindlessly. So now the player has to consider if an item is worth picking up and carrying around.

The Loot

You will not find gems or gold in animals or creaturesanymore. I have also drastically reduced the chances of everfinding dwemer, elven, orcish or ebony gear in random loot. However you will still find these items if they are hand placed.You will not find daedric gear anywhere in the game asit comes from oblivion, an entirely different plane of existence.You can craft deadric gear however...if you know thedark secret...(Daedric crafting mystery is a WIP and still not added)

Reasons for doing it this way:
The amount and quality of loot determines how easy ordifficult the game is. Say there was an ebony sword in every chest; the game would have been much easier. So by reducing the high level loot the game becomes more harsh and balanced.

Movement speed

Movement speed is made more realistic. Walking speed is increased and running speed is sloweddown a tad, making it a lot more realistic. Also it maches Npcs speed so now you have less of a difference between Npcs speed and player speed.

Reasons for doing it this way:
The player now runs at a more realistic speed, andthis makes the world feel bigger. However, the walking has been increased so it now actually bearable to walk around as it was excessively slow in the vanilla
game. The movement feels more natural, smooth and fluid now.


Crime is now much more expensive to pay off if you getcaught, so don’t get caught. Bribing guards is now much more expensive.

Reasons for doing it this way:
Crimes should be punished harshly in a medievalsetting, even a fantasy one. Now they will be. It’s a incentive for a criminal character to not get caught and it adds a feeling of risk to crime.


The world respawns of you leave the cell for 2 days(this includes cities)
Vendors stock and gold respawns every 7 days
Caves and dungeons marked as “Cleared” will now onlyrespawn of you leave the cell for 4 in game weeks, making them good places to stash your loot safely before you buy a house.

Reasons for doing it this way:
It makes a lot of sense for vendors to restock everyweek. It also means that the player cannot use the same vendor over and over again to sell his stuff. The player might have to travel a bit to different vendors to sell his wares. Also it makes sense that a cleared cave would stay cleared for quite a while. And the added incentive of clearing a cave to use it as a home base is a fun addition.

Loading screens

New immersive and lore friendly loading screens

I have replaced the old immersive breaking loadingscreens with epic and interesting quotes from in game books from all elder scrolls games.

Reasons for doing it this way:
The old loading screens were very immersive breakingwith boring game tips that took you out of the experience. Now they are immersive and interesting.


Every single playable race is now more unique and morelore friendly. The changes are based on the lore that is written about each race.

All skills now start out at level 1 (unless a race hasa natural boost in that skill)

Only magically gifted races start out with spells now.

Here are all the races stats, powers and abilities.


Powers and abilities:

Can breathe underwater
100% resistant to diseases


Lockpicking 5
Sneak 5Light armor 10


Health + 16
Maigca + 6
Stamina + 8 


(Starts out with conjure familiar spell)

Powers and abilities:

Dragons skin: 50% chance to absorb incoming spells and 50% magic resistance for 1 minute
Bretons have a natural 25% magic resistance


Restoration 10
Destruction 5
Illusion 5


Health +4
Magica + 18
Stamina + 8 

Dunmer (Dark elf)

(starts out with sparks spell)

Powers and abilities:

Ancestors wrath: Surrounds the player in a cloak offire that deals damage to nearby enemies for 30 seconds
Natural 25% resistance to fire


One handed 10
Destruction 10


Health + 10
Magica + 15
Stamina + 5 

Altmer (High elf)

Powers and abilities:

Highborn: able to regenerate magica much faster for 3seconds
Highborn: + 15 magica +15% weakness to magica


Enchanting 10
Conjuration 10


Health + 1
Magica + 28
Stamina + 1 


Powers and abilities:

Imperial Charisma: able to get 15% better price for 1minute
Imperial luck: Able to find more gold in loot


Speech 10
Light armor 5
Heavy armor 5

Health + 10
Macica + 10
Stamina + 10


Powers and abilities:

Night eye: Able to see in the dark
Soft paws: Able to sneak better for 1 minute


Sneak 15
Pickpocket 5


Health + 10
Magica + 5
Stamina + 5


Powers and abilities:
Northern rage: One handed weapons do 100% more damageand two handed weapons now do 70% more damage for 30 sec
Natural 25% frost resistance

Crafting 5
One handed 5
Two handed 5
Heavy armor 5

Health + 15
Magica + 3
Stamina + 12


Powers and abilities:

Berserker rage: Does double damage and takes halfdamage for 1 minute
Orcish skin: + 10 health


Heavy armor 10
Two handed 10


Health + 15
Magica + 5
Stamina + 10 


Powers and abilities:

Adrenaline rush:

Stamina regenerates much faster for 1minute
Natural 75% resistance against poisons


Onehanded 10
Two handed 10


Health + 10
Magica + 4
Stamina + 16

Bosmer (Wood elf)

Powers and abilities:

Bosmer marksmanship: Bows do 100% more damage for 1minute
Spirit animal: Summon a familiar to fight for you for1 minute


Archery 15
Light armor 5

Health + 13
Magica + 4
Stamina + 13

Reasons for doing it this way:
In the vanilla game all the races felt the same. Thiswas no real reason for trying to play as different races. Now each race feels

more unique and each race plays a bit differently than the other races. This
helps roleplaying and immersion, and is more fun. 

Standing stones

All standing stones have been redone in order to be more balanced.

Steed stone (+ 10 carry weight)
Warrior Stone (learn all combat skills 5% faster)
Mage stone (learn all magic skills 5% faster)
Thief stone (learn all stealth skills 5% faster)
Lovers Stone (all skills improve 5% faster)
Apprentice stone (increases magica by 10 points butmakes you a bit more susceptible to magic)
Lord stone (makes you 10% more resistant to magic andadds 10 armor rating)
Lady Stone (10 more health and 10 more stamina)
Atronach stone (10 more magica but it recovers 10%slower) 
Ritual Stone (reanimate dead corpses to fight for youfor 1 minute)
Serpent stone is untouched (paralyze a aimed targe for5 seconds + do 5 points of poison damage for 5 seconds)
Shadow stone (30 seconds of invisibility)

Reasons for doing it this way:
I reduced the power of the standing stones a bit forbalancing reasons. They should give you a certain advantage as they are 
mysterious magical stones, but if you could simply choose a standing stone to make the game much easier, they would be unbalanced.


Sanguine vampirism has been redone. That does not mean the vampire lord vampirism. This is just the base game vampirism.

Vampirism is now more lore friendly. It is now both a powerful blessing and a terrible curse at the same time. Vampires now regenerate health, stamina and magic muchfaster than mortals during the night or if indoors

Vampires now have more health than mortals
Vampires do not suffer the effect of injuries norexhaustion
The vampire drain life ability has been made more effectiveand costs less magica
If exposed to the sun, vampires suffer from severelyreduced health, stamina and magica, and can no longer regenerate health nor 
stamina at all
If exposed to the sun, the player vampire will sufferfrom speed reduction due to the burning sun

Reasons for doing it this way:
In the lore, the vampires are the most powerful undeadin Tamriel. I wanted to make the player feel much more powerful as a vampire. 
But they are also very susceptible to the sun and suffer greatly if exposed to sunlight (there are exceptions but for the most part) So I also wanted the
player to feel the curse of being a vampire. Being forced to stay in the dark away from the sun. 

3 important things to know about this mod!

You will need to start a 100% new character in orderfor the mod to work properly.

All three ESP files needs to be on the bottom of theload order with the one called "The Great Realism Overhaul" on the 
bottom for the mod to work as intended.

The DLCs have not been done yet. The DLCs will stillwork just fine, but the stats for DLC stuff will still be vanilla.


Is this mod compatible with X mod?

General guidelines:

- If it is another overhaul like requiem, Skyrimredone, or Ordinator then NO (Because they are both huge overhauls and will 

- If its a combat mod, then NO (because TGRO has its own combat overhaul built in and other combat mods will conflict)

- If it changes gameplay in any way, then NO (because TGRO changes so many things about gameplay it will conflict BUT there are some 
exeptions! check list of compatible gameplay mods for details)

- If it adds new armors, weapons or items, then YES and NO (The added items will most likely not have the right stats for this mod, 
but it will work just fine. Note that many weapon and armor mods will be made compatible in time, but for now that hasn’t been done)

- If it changes the stats of any item in any way, then NO (because TGRO changes the all the stats of every item in the game)

- If it changes the races or race hights or stats in any way, then NO (Because TGRO changes all of the races already and some of the core mechanics of the mod lie within those changes)

- If it changes enemies in any way, then NO (becauseTGRO changes all enemies so they will conflict)

- If it only touches killmoves, the YES (Highly recommendedto disable enemy killmoves)

- If it changes followers or any unique NPCS, then YES(No unique NPCs have been touched)

- If it  onlychanges animation then YES (No animations touched) 

- If it changes any landscape or cities or houses,then YES (Almost no places have been touched) 

- If its a visual or graphics mod, then YES (nothingabout the visual has been touched)

- If its a audio mod, then YES (nothing about theaudio has been touched) 

Here is a list of gameplay mods that are compatible(and recommended) to use with TGRO for the original version of Skyrim.

Alternate start – Live another life
Classic oblivion jail system
Training Dummies and Targets
Tanning and Smelting Experience
Increased Follower Limit
Reneers Crime overhaul
Art of the catch
Forever mining
Horse inventory
Indefinite woodcutting
RQ - Tanning and Smelting Experience
Touring Carriages
Weighted arrows

I really hope you will enjoy this mod, and if you do please remember to leave an endorsement as I have put a lot of effort into it, and more endorsements means that more people get to know about it and get to
experience it! =D 

Also feel free to leave your thoughts about the mod in the comments. I read everything, and use your feedback to improve the mod. So all feedback is very helpful and appreciated.  If you want to follow the development of this mod youcan follow me on youtube, twitter, twitch ot facebook. =D 

Change Log:  

Version 0.1: 

- Initial release 

Version 0.2: 

- Horse Prices increased
- Wolf damage reduced
- Fixed requirement for light armor perk
- Fixed practice arrow recipe
- Room prices increased
- Travel priced increased
- Made stormcloak and Imperial soldiers tougher
- Made Guards a tiny bit less tough

Version 0.3:

- Made Restore Health potions a bit more expensive
- Restore Health potions heals over time
- Regenerate health potions are now adjusted
- Regenerate Health enchantments are adjusted
- Crafting Perks Fixed
- Made Arrows a bit faster
- NPCs use ammo and can run out of arrows
- Vegetables and candy regenerates stamina over time
- Food weight tweaked
- Raw food does less damage
- Lighter rings
- Corrected Haggling perk values
- First perk requires Level 5 or 10 in that skill for most skill trees

Version 0.3.6

- Makes the easier difficulties actually work properly
- Makes NPCs level closer to Player level

Version 4

- Decreased NPCs level somewhat
- Reduced dragon fire damage a bit
- Reduced heavy armor perk protection by 5%
- Removed imperial swords outside of whiterun
- Reduced health Regeneration enchantments and increased costs
- Resist potions adjusted to last longer and be more effective and expensive
- Damage Magica poison adjusted to be more expensive and effective
- Damage Magica linger poison adjusted to be more expensive and effective 
- Increased Bear health
- Increased Sabre cat health
- Increased Assasin health
- Adjusted and more effective damage health poisons
- More effective and exspensive paralysis poisons 
- More expensive cure poison and cure desease potions
- Damage magica recovery poison more effective and expensive
- More effective and expensive damage stamina potion
- More effective and more expensive waterbreathing potions
- More expensive and effective potions of strength (Carry weight)
- More expensive and effective fear poisons
- More expensive and effective frenzy poisons
- More expensive and effective Invisibility potions
- All skill potions prices have been adjustments
- All Weakness poisons more effective and expensive
- Bribe costs increased

Version 4.5

- The entire stamina system has been redone

(The “exhausted effect” that used to slow staminaregeneration down when stamina was below 75% has now been removed and stamina 
regen is now smoother)
(The stamina regeneration has been slowed down)
(Stamina drain for sprinting has been reduced a lot,allowing for more mobility)
(Stamina drain for power attacks have been reduced)
(Stamina drain for shield bashing has been reduced)
(Normal attacks with one handed and two-handed weaponsnow drains stamina)
(Shooting a bow now takes stamina)
(Certain perks in the one handed, two handed, archery,light armor and heavy armor perk tree will now boost your stamina)  

- Carry weight pr level is now 1.5

- Sanguine Vampyrism is now 100% done (Base gamevampirism, not vamire lord)

(Vampires now regenerate health, stamina and magicmuch faster than mortals during the night or indoors)
(Vampires now have more health than mortals)
(Vampires do not suffer the effect of injuries norexhaustion)
(The vampire drain ability has been made moreeffective and costs less magica)
(If exposed to the sun, vampires suffer from severelyreduced health, stamina and magica, and can no longer regenerate health nor 
stamina at all)
(If exposed to the sun, the player vampire will sufferfrom speed reduction due to the burning sun)

- The imperial civil war quest has been tweaked and balanced out

(“Compelling Tribute” The imperials have been given a few more soldiers that flank the stormcloaks)

(“Rescue at fort Kastav” The imperial has been givenmore soldiers that will rush in and help you as soon as you come out of the 

(“Battle for windhelm” Removed the infinitelyrespawning stormcloaks and replaced them with soldiers that don’t respawn for a more fair battle.)

- Every single race has been revamped and improved isnow finished

(Magica regenerate MUCH slower for all races makingmagic more balanced. I think it applies to npc as well)
(Improved the description for each race so their powerand abilities are more clear)
(Renamed the races to their lore friendly names(Bosmer, atlmer, dunmer) 
(changes the order of the races in the race menu 
because it follows the alphabet) 

- All standing stones have been tweaked and adjusted and balanced out
(Steed stone redone (+ 10 carry weight)
(Warrior Stone redone (learn all combat skills 5%faster)
(Mage stone redone (learn all magic skills 5% faster)
(Thief stone redone (learn all stealth skills 5% faster)
(Lovers Stone redone (all skills improve 5% faster)
(Apprentice stone is redone(increases magica by 10 points but makes you a bit more susceptible to magic)
(Lord stone is redone (makes you 10% more resistant tomagic and adds 10 armor rating)
(Lady Stone redone (10 more health and 10 more stamina)
(Atronach stone redone (10 more magica but it recovers10% slower)
(Ritual Stone redone (reaminate dead corpses to fightfor you for 1 minute)
(Serpent stone is untounched (paralyze a aimed targefor 5 seconds + do 5 points of poison damage for 5 seconds)
(Shadow stone redone (30 seconds of invisibility)

- Most perks have been tweaked, fixed, adjusted andbalanced out

(The Perks “Protected” and “light defence” has beenadded as a natural starting ability to all the playable races plus the vampire 
(The archer perks are now more effective and thearchery skill is now balanced better)
(One handed perks have now been tweaked and are nowbetter balanced)
(Blocking perks are now adjusted)(Two handed damage perks have now been rebalanced)
(Fixed unhindered perk for light armor (now lightarmor weighs 10% less for each rank. It goes up to rank 5)

(Fixed conditioning perks for heavy armor (now heavyarmor weighs 5% less for each rank. It goes up tp 5)

(Cleaned up the look of the speech perk tree a bit)

- Certain quest requirements have been increased tobalance out the game

(Increased the minimum level for “boeithas calling” to45)
(Increased the minimum level for the “cursed tribe” to50)
(Increased the minimum level for “the whispering door”to 55)
(Increased the minimum level for “the only cure” to30)
(Increased the minimum level for “The break of Dawn”to 25)
(Increased the minimum level for “ancient knowledge”to 25)
(Increased the minimum level for “the wolf queenawakened” to 30)

- A lot of enemies have been adjusted

(Normal skeevers will now actually run away) 
(Venomfang skeevers are now adjusted, aggressive andvicious)
(Wolves now have a bigger agression erea)
(Soldiers, both stormcloaks and imperials are now muchtougher (level 25)
(Guards level have been reduced, but they still havethe same amount of health are very dangerous )
(Deadlier Thieves, they are now level 15 and have 200health) 
(Deadlier Assasins, they are now level 18 and have 230health)
(Tougher Thalmor soldiers, they are now level 5 andwith 300 health)
(Tougher Thamlor wizards, they are level 5 with 180health)
(Less deadly ice wraiths, from 17 attack damage to 10attack damage)
(Tougher Giants, from 700 health to 800 health)
(Thalmor now use elven weapon, instead of steel)
(Made spriggans a bit tougher)(Made flame attronachs tougher) 

- Skill progression has been tweaked and balanced

(Archery skillusemult has been set to 0.5 (halfed) 
(One handed has been set to 0.25 (halfed) 

- Loot has been tweaked and balanced better

(All jewelry is now much more rare (15% chance to find anything)
(All soul gems are now more rare to find (50% to find)
(Removed all Deadra hearts from the leveled lists.Deadra will still have them)
(Made Gems much more rare to find)
-Misc changes
(Adjusted the gold value you can take from friends without stealing (x10)
(Improved the text for the “exhausted” effect and the“running in heavy armor stamina drain effect)(Mammoths tusk now weighs 40) 

Version 4.55 
Fixed the argonian drowning issue
Increased the bounty quest rewards

Bandit leader: 1000
Forsworn leader: 1500
Giant: 3000
Dragon: 5000

Halfed the investment perk (5000)
Decreased the value of the deadra heart (1500)

Version 4.56 

The stealth system has been redone completely

The three cheaters chests have been moved and are now unavailable for cheaters ;)

Removed daedric heart from jorrvaskr

Removed Daedric heart from nightcaller temple

(There is still one deadric heart in blackreach)

You can now only train 3 times per level and its much more expensive

Deer and elk is now a bit tougher


Thanks to Bethesda for making an awesome game!Thanks to 1Rich1 for permission to use his wonderful drawings!
Thanks to Mandragorasprouts for converting the SEfiles to form 44 =)
Thanks to the nexsus and skyrim community for beingsupportive helpful and awesome! =D