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A most simple plugin that actually makes the Azura Shrine visible from a distance!! Wow, now isn\'t that innovative? No... it isn\'t. Which is why Bethesda never should\'ve made this stupid mistake.

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EDIT: This fix is included in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch: I think it's better to download that one instead. If you don't want the Unofficial Patch, you can always download this of course.

Bethesda, Bethesda, Bethesda...

and here we are again. One Elder Scrolls further, and still Bethesda manages to make this enormous huge ass object invisble from a distance, when it should be visible from like... almost all of Skyrim? Morrowind had the Mournhold Palace invisble from any other part of the city, they did it again with Kvatch's Cathedral and the White Gold Tower in Oblivion, which wasn't visible from within the Arena. And now Azura's enormous statue... Will they ever learn it?

Here's the story:
I so badly wanted to see Azura's shrine in Skyrim so I went looking for it. I went to Winterhold, did the first Winterhold College quest, and then, the next morning. Suddenly the statue of Azura was there... How did I ever miss it before??

Well.. this is how. Bethesda never made LOD for the statue, which is ridicilous, since it's one of the largest things in all of Skyrim.

This mod fixes it, with just a tick in the reference's box in the Creation Kit.

Enjoy the realism :D