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Fixes missing and bad textures, and incorrect folder structures of the official High Res Pack DLC, also, no more *.ini tweak needed anymore!

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Arthmoor, the maker of the Unofficial Patches, has brought out a stand-alone mod to address the issues found in the updated HD DLC from Bethesda. With that and I have decided that this mod will cease to be updated as I'm not going to spend time into something that has already been done. Besides, Arthmoor is much quicker than me in updating so the only reason people would use our mod is because of personal preferences. I'm not here to be like: "Oi, looky me, Immah popular!" I'm here to offer a fix so we don't have to wait forever for Bethesda to correct their rushy mistakes. But now Arthmoor has taken over that task and I do not mind at all, it can be pretty stressful to make and maintain a mod, especially if you have to do a lot of *.bsa file diving. Progress on the issues found in the new DLC can be found here.

It seems Bethesda was in a hurry while making the big suprise that came together with the Creation Kit, the High Resolution Textures DLC. Many textures show up bugged in the game, for example the Glow Map for the fires found in most Inns, like the Bannered Mare, and the texture used for the bloodied chopping block, like the one in the Markath Market. There are many more errors as well, but less notable.

Simply extract the contents of this zip into your Data folder if not using Nexus Mod Manager, located in X:\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data.
(X being whichever drive Steam is running on.)

Archived version:
Activate the *.esp in the Data Files option found in the Launcher, or in the Nexus Mod Manager.
Make sure this mod is loaded after the original DLC.

Loose Files version:
Just extract and play, loose files override anything.
If you wish to use additional texture packs, make sure they overwrite this mod.

For further fixes, not included in this one, download
HighResTexturePack DLC Tweaks by Eiwyn

Just post it here!

The textures provided with this fix are owned by Bethesda and aren't in any way owned by me, they are merely used as means to fix the issues the DLC has.

Bethesda Softworks - Goes without saying pretty much... :P
krist2 - It needs to be said, you helped me a lot and perhaps even put more work into this than I did, thanks so much!
Painkiller97 - He was also working on the same thing, credits to him too for that. :)
InAComaDial999 - For additional help and suggestions in making the *.ini tweak unnecessary possible!
Zardalu - For pointing out the Swamp Dragon's bad alpha.

Solitude Market Stall Alpha-Blending Fix