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Skyrim immersion mod

Compatible with Wars in Skyrim there have been no reports of conflicts (UPDATED VERSION)

If you do any videos or reviews on this mod, I ask you just let me know in a PM first

1. Description and Version
2. Next Release Contents and Currently working
3. Installation
4. Credits and Usage
5. BUGS and Incompatibilties


1. Description
This mod adds many new features to skyrim, from hundreds of new NPCS (including travellers on the roads to adventurers in random dungeons to assasins furfilling contracts) plus many more things to make the game more exciting and more immersive for the player.

NPCs will not be everywhere, as some gamers may not be able to handle the strain of so many NPCs, so there is an average amount of NPCs and random events going on

SIM- NPC Additions
SIM - NPCAdditionsHOSTILEesp
SIM - NPCwerewolves.esp
SIM - Treasures Anywhere.esp
SIM - Water Bug fixes

Heres the status so far:

SIM- NPC Additions (adventurers and travellers added to Skyrim)

Adventurers and Travellers moving through the land, there are not millions of them.
Currently only includes 'adventuerers' and 'travellers' of every race and a few player submitted characters.
There are also other things like nobles and bodyguards and other random people out there.

Contains about 10 npcs going about their business, those in this file are ALL player submitted characters and all the credit for these goes to the people who submitted them.

SIM - Water Bug fixes

Fixes a bug in whiterun with the water

SIM - NPCAdditionsHOSTILEesp

Adds thieves, assassins attacking other people and other fights such as vigilants of stendarr attacking vampire owned dungeons at random as well as a few other hidden surprises if your lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to stumble across them.

SIM - NPCwerewolves.esp
Adds random werewolf attacks on towns (very rare though), a rare chance at finding a werewolf in the wilderness and makes werewolves just slightly tougher to kill.

SIMTREASURE anywhere.esp
Just a little optional file I threw in
Adds a small chance of finding any loot in ANY container, combined with enchanted items overhaul this will also include High level loot
at any level

I am no longer working on this mod at the moment but I WILL be coming back to it at some point in the future, as i am happy with the way it turned out and is now stable. There are plenty of adventurer type mods out there, but please continue to comment and if a universe destroying bug is encountered I will sort it out.

At the moment its stable and working good, and theres little more I can do without crowding up the game memory as theres enough NPCs running around

3. Installation
Simply copy to you skyrim/data folder
Then download the secondary file for Water bugfixes

Do not use Nexus Mod Manager, as it seems to have problems updating this mod, a manual install by copy and paste is recommended. I Use NMM for other mods, and just copy and paste this file and it works so theres no real need to use NMM with this mod.

Due to the nature of the ai packages, I suggest you wait 24 hours in game for them all to load, otherwise you may (or may not) be flooded with 5-6 NPCs, once the 24hours has passed they will be less common, but the first 24hours may get crowded while they all load their packages

I recommend completing the helgen start before activating this mod as it will interfer with the start of the game when starting a new game. Once you get to Riverwood, it will be ok

Dont forget to tick the water bug fix.esp.
If it doesnt work, untick all the esp files. Then save. Tick all the esps except waterbugfix.esp. Load the game. Save the game. enable waterbugfix.esp. Then save again. This should force the whiterun water to dissapear.

4. Credits and Usuage

Credits go to those who have submitted their characters to this mod

You may NOT upload this mod anywhere else (including the steam workshop) You may not profit from it or use any of the files with it
for your own mods. If you wish to use something ask me first
However if you wish to contribute, contact me on the Skyrim nexus and you get credit for your work on this mod
Of course anything you contribute you are free to do with as you please, but some of the new meshes etc are not owned by myself and permission was obtained so you will need to contact the original author to see about those files

5. Bugs

Possible bug with werewolves not attacking, this could be a mod conflict with something that either edits werewolves or adds the player to certain factions (causing the werewolf to be friendly)


None have been reported, but if you find one ill be happy to try and resolve it with the auther of the other mod