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Last updated at 17:09, 3 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 16:22, 17 Feb 2017

Native American Home Version 1.0
a w.i.p. beta test mod
As of now I give permission to
edit this mod to your liking. A resource mod? Sure why not. :)
I am currently overwhelmed with many things and lack the time
to upgrade this mod with forge and other goodies.
Feel free to do whatever ya wish just remember to give credit.


Contains New Fixes for a more realistic
version as strongly suggested.
It was said that it was un-realistic to have pictures hanging in a tent
as well as wood floors. 
So I tried to make it more realistic with the
new features. 
I actually like it better now and hope you do too.
This will be my final update unless I decide to go with
my new mod plan, 
adding an actual Indian reservation with tents,
Native Americans, Horses & so on. 
Sadly, I'd need help with that I think
but I'll start it soon anyways.
1. Removes pictures and replaces them with pelts.

2. Default game cell music restored.

3. Removed wood floors and replaced them with:
   Upper main room - pelt floor, Lower cellar area - dirt floor

4. Changed interior tent texture to match outside texture.

5. Shield texture changed / upgraded.      
I changed the shield because Somehow I accidentally deleted
the old texture file, sorry about that.
I'd hold your stuff inside just in case, save and exit.
Then copy folders & esp to your data file you should be all set.
I tested it twice and it seemed to be working fine.
Please let me know if there are any texture / mesh problems.


ADDED another optional file for those having paintings
texture problems. Overwrite your texture & meshes file with these.
I added screenshots to show the textures are working. :)

First, this mod is completely optional and my first attempt at a Native American Home.
My family and I have Indian ( Cherokee ) in us so I thought it would be cool to create a native american home.
See screenshots please and all I ask is that you keep your comments respectful please.
I tried my best here and it was just for fun.  Requires Dawnguard  and Dragonborn for weapons & armor.

Native American custom home east of Riverwood,by the big waterfall with camp map marker.
Small cozy custom made tent with cellar area via trap door2 beds w/ player sleep script, lots of no respawn storage
Tanning rack - sharpening stone - wood pile & axeCampfire - Cooking station -  my custom textured barrels & crates
Indian decore inside and out - Sittable Outhouse - riverside fishing poles & fish decorations 
Powerful  Native American Axe, Mace, Bow & Arrows with Shield (used bone weapons & hide shield )
Native American paintings & new music, If music don't start right off be patient it will.
I tested several times and play this as my main now. This  does not include Nicole's outfit, race & accessories, only home mod.
I did try and put it all together but it was over 500 MB in size. Yikes!
So if you want the Indian girl too you will need all the stuff underlined below.
copy meshes, textures, music folder and esp to data file and if you already have borders disabled mod, you don't need my esp.

Credits & Assets I Use
(For Nicole/Indian:  I use all accessories mods, race & requirements, Weapons & clothing mods underlined)

Ningheim Race and all it's requirements
 LiEyes by LithiumFlower
 KS Hairdo's by Kalilies
UNPB-BBP body included in Ningheim, I think
KD Circlets Redone by LadyKD

Strotis outdoor toilet
Sexy Evening Dress for UNPB-BBP by gekkou1992 
Overwrite with Indian Style Re texture by Sayka to get my dress.  
I adjusted his texture on mine to the Indian, animal skin like color.

Assassin's Creed 3 Bow and Arrows by NightShalm  re textured
Dimonized dress and jewelry by SydneyB  for accessoriesI
re textured the headband and necklace used in screenshot
LindaOutfit by Anduniel  for accessories

Lamps by mannygt
Original hide shield re texture by heeresman1 
I'm using my texture in screenshot though
Paintings by Artisanix, Indian re texture by me
Tent by Moorichka
Well I think that's about it. 
All credit except for mod creation goes to these good people above.
- Legal -
I claim no credit for any asset's here that are not mine. All images used were free to use images for non-commercial use only
and this mod was made for the love and respect I have for all native american people. Please do not re upload this to other sites
and respect each modder's above by crediting them fully. If I have missed anyone or anything please...let me know!