Vogue Rogue Armor -Demon Fet- by redtox
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                                                 I encourage everyone to PLEASE!!! upload your ScreenShots.

This is a SeveNBase Based Conversion of "Vogue Rogue" By redtox for the Demon Fet Body
The Demon Fet Body is a skinner more well endowed version of the SeveNBase BombShell.

It is TBBP-BBP compatible, with Working weight Slider. Make sure you install the proper requirements listed below.
Most all the elements from the Original Mod are left intact, I added a High Shoulder & a Low Shoulder version & Now the Armor has separate pieces & can be mixed & matched.

To aquire the Outfit:
The outfit can be retrieved 3 different ways, you can Either...
1. Craft the outfit at any forge under Ebony.
2. add the outfit via console command by typing help "Vogue Rogue" & or type Player.additem & enter the code for each piece
    or type player.placeatme & type the code for the container that has the outfit in it.
3. seek out the Seamstress in the Riften Jail.


Demon Fet Body by DeMoNhUnTeR1986
The Body isn't necessarily required but is here for anyone who might want to try this body out.

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended -XPMSE-  By Groovtama

If you for any reason have issues with the xp32 skeletons try downloading
 My Skeleton 
& you shouldn't have anymore issues.

These are loose files so you will need to install this manually now you can install through NMM but I don't include the FOMOD file.

 so just drop the files into your Skyrim directory. the file path for that is  
 Now Activate the .ESP by clicking on the "SkyrimLauncher.exe" then Exit out of the Launcher & then click on  Loot to finish the activation.
 if you need Loot Click here---> 


Bethesda                               For the Awesome Game.
redtox                                     For the Awesome outfit.
asianboy345                       For creating UNP conversion of Tera Armors.
Alecu                                         For Creating Rogue Armor and converting it for Skyrim.
Apachii                                    For the Amazing Hair Pack.
DeMoNhUnTeR1986    For the "Demon Fet" Body.

                                             Must first Get Permission from "redtox" for any altering & Uploading of this mod.