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Add some sophisticated visual styling to your game with this custom crafted and unique ENBseries adaptations for SKYRIM. With many added features not included with the default ENBseries mod.

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SESFX 2.0 Preview - Day / Night Cycle Video

How ENB Effects Combine to Improve Image Quality

An ENBseries adaptation by Tapioks at
ENBseries created by Boris Vorontsov @


This mod adds a number of sophisticated customizable visual effects to your game using ENBseries technology. This collection of files and settings has been carefully crafted and configured in the interest of making it easy to get great looking results.
NOTE: The FULL version of the mod has a couple bugs as of the Skyrim 1.5 Patch (i.e. grass-ghosting and underwater visibility). Download the new 2.0 PREVIEW version in the UPDATES section for a version of the mod that addresses these issues

>> See the included User Guide for full details!


Be sure to watch in HD!! A million thanks to thenannymoh for his amazing video work!
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A wonderful video by mod fan hodilton showing the effect of the mod during different tiems of day in Riverwood!

A great video by Archeagus showcasing SES FX 1.0

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- Andrew Eckel
- Douglas Franklin
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