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Gravelords are immensely powerfull, apparently undead, beings connected to the principle of Sithis and the Void, the representation of the primordial states of emptiness and chaos. They roam the darkest places of Nirn and Oblivion, surrounded with their dread armies of scary Gravelord Servants.

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Gravelords are immensely powerfull, apparently undead, beings connected to the principle of Sithis and the Void, the representation of the primordial states of emptiness and chaos, a state that is neither Aedra or Daedra. Dispite this, Gravelords can also be seen on planes such as Coldharbour or Soul Cairn, proving that they may be just daedric in nature, but with a root conection leading to Sithis. Other scholars speculate that they may be simply outlanders on that planes, and spawns of the void itself.

People that encountered them and survived, told that they keep proclaiming in a sadistic tone the Black Sacrament. This not necessarly associate them with the Dark Brotherhood itself, but with no doubts makes a link between them and the Night Mother, bride of Sithis.

A Gravelord's body is that of an immensely sized skeleton, covered by many darkned human skeletons joined together as some sort of armor. The torso leans forwards, giving him a hunchback appearance, and his true skull is tucked into the dead matter and bones, with his entire torso covered in ribcages and skulls, with limbs dangling all around him. His legs are extemely heavy, due to the ammount of bones attached to them, what makes them slow. His left hand is a giant natural bone hand, while his right is equipped with a triple bone forearm, which terminates in a sharpened giant bone blade. Some of the skeletons that adorn him as armor, are raised in combat as minions by him.
A Gravelord's body is covered in an all concealing cloak made of dark miasma, the own essence of the void and death, and in constant movement. 

As mentioned, most Gravelords are able to raise armies of dread Gravelord Servants, carrying ebony weapons, except weaker small variants. Some members of Dark Brotherhood are known to be able to summon some of this last ones, known by them as Wraiths of Sithis, appearing smaller than the common Gravelords, and unable to summon bone servants. They are summoned to punish DB assassins that have committed errors with the Order.

There are only a few Gravelords in the world, and they are unique bosses and non-respawnables.  A Grand Gravelord guards Valerica on Soul Cairn and other guards Serana on Dimhollow Crypt. They Guard the two last Elder Scrolls (my Dwarven Colossus guards the other). Some are at the service of Malkoran too.

The smaller version called Wraith of Sithis is summoned, and you can't learn the spell, you need to use a special ebony staff in order to summon them. The staff is called Sithis Finger, and there are only two ways to obtain it. One is killing Cícero, and looting his body. Before or after the mission from Astrid leading to the assasination of Cícero it is imposible to obtain the staff from him.
The other option is to loot the staff from the dead body of Festus Krex after his death by the hands of Penitus Oculatus agents.

You can use their arms as swords after death, they are heavy to use, making them slow, but still extremely powerfull.

- 2 undead creatures-

- Custom GRAVELORD sound (black sacrament);

- Custom loot: the GRAVELORD SWORD and
SITHIS FINGER (the staff to summon the Wraiths of Sithis);

- The last Skyrim Update

- Dawnguard
- Hearthfire
- Dragonborn


Mihail- Gravelord and Gravelord servant models, textures, sounds,
animations, loot, effects and game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

74_mos- for the ebony staff

Mihail Romanov