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We made it! Before you read any further, I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for all of your guys' support. I didn't expect all of this love when I first set out to make Giselle, but now that I am here where I am, after such a long (but extremely educational) process, I feel no regret embarking on the modding journey. And I'll be completely honest, now that I look back, I couldn't have done it without all of you amazing people. Thank you!



Giselle is by far the most visually versatile character I have ever made. She can go from looking like Hermione one moment, look like the closest thing I've seen to a Latina in Skyrim the next, then all the way back to a Nord through quick hair and outfit swaps. For that reason, I've decided to share her with all of you guys with as much customization as possible.

You'll be able to choose her hair style and body type. Additionally, you can also use any mesh or texture you want.

She is packaged with 2k/4k body and face textures, HD overlays, and 4k makeup.

Make sure to use an ENB to get her to look her best!

Also, if you can, I would also love for you guys to upload screenshots or videos!

Enjoy, and have fun!



Race: Nord
Weight: 60
Eye Color: Purple
Marrigable: Hells yeah
Location: Winking Skeever Inn, Solitude
Class: Spellsword
Weapon: Ebony dagger
Spells: Sparks, Lightning Bolt


Apologies if the installation is wonky, but I couldn't figure out how to fomod :P (it's only two steps if you go the normal route though).

STEP 0: Preliminaries

2. XP32 skeleton
3. HDT

Install FNIS, XP32, and HDT, then launch fnisforusers, check the first two boxes, then patch.

STEP 1: Hair

This is the most important step, each of the hair choices contains an .esp file.

There are 5 choices to choose from

(From left to right, top to bottom: Butterfly, Cliche, Sky, Starry, Monochrome)


STEP 2: Body Mesh

You can choose from 7B Bombshell, CBBE, UNP, UNPB, and UNPB-TBBP. These files contain the meshes and high quality (4k/2k) default textures. 

Install only one!

STEP 3 (COMPLETELY OPTIONAL): Optional Body Texture

I've also provided a completely clean version of the body textures (no pubic hair or tattoos).

The CBBE file will work with CBBE, and CBBE variants.
The UNP file will work with 7B, UNP, UNPB, UNPB-TBBP, and all of the UNP variants.

Overwrite the body texture during installation.

STEP 4 (COMPLETELY OPTIONAL): Personal Customization

You can also change the body type and textures if you choose. Simply install your meshes/textures over the ones provided and overwrite them.

NOTE: If you decide to change the body texture, make sure to rename the texture file into (that's just how I assigned the body texture in the creation kit).


More Info
If you have any questions or comments, leave a post or message me.

If you actually want to play as Giselle, I have her Racemenu Preset uploaded here(link).


Finally, please take a look at my Flickr if you want to be updated on my future projects or if you just want to have a gander at my other screenshots! (NSFW)

Thank you for reading and downloading!


Racemenu by Expired
KS Hairdos by Stealthic, Kalilies, Shocky
Brows  by Hvergelmir
Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
The Witcher 3 Eyes by Oaristys
Kai's Makeup by XarathosHawke 
SR Freckles by StephieRawx
Racemenu Overlay Compilation by TheOniNinja
YevMod's Makeup Pack (On LL) by YevMod
Stoja Warpaint (Makeup) by Veeblix
KJ Tattoos by Kajiitas
The Coenaculi by Desufire
UNP by Dimon99
UNPB by XP32
SeveNBase by Wast1980
CBBE by Caliente
SG Female Texture Renewal by HelloSanta
Real Girls UNP Textures by Zonzai
Real Girls CBBE Textures by Drunkenmojo
High Poly Hands and Feet (not on the nexus) by Halofarm