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Adds the Dwarven Colossus from new ESO morrowind trailer into Skyrim.

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special edition version here 


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I've fall in love with the new ESO morrowind trailer. Morrowind is my favorite TES, and to see again all that stuff makes me so happy. And, at the end, that massive and furious Dwarven Automaton, thanks g...vivec, incredible. :)
So, I searched a little bit and discovered that that kind of automaton is called Dwarven Colossus, the most powerfull kind of automaton untill now, and, using the images from the trailer and a concept art from Bethesda I created my version of it to Skyrim. It's not exactly equal, but, the creatures changes their appearances between games, so, perfectly normal. :) And we do not know much more about that kind of automaton yet, so, i only recreate the same atmosphere about him that the trailer created in my mind, and we have a powerfull and massive dwarven automaton, much stronger then the average Centurion and also the Forgemaster, with incredible resistances and fire power. And to know more about it, lets wait for the release of the official DLC when it will appear. :)

There's only a very few Dwarven Colossus added in game, they guard Blackreach, and other big areas, but do respawn. He's pretty much a boss, and he will give you a boss fight, since his lvl and power is almost the same as alduin, harkon and miraak. I do not add more because his kind is much powerfull and quite unique and special, and for example Blackreach needs a true keeper (the dragon is meh... but is still there too). No more dwarven ruins seems epic to me to deserve a Colossus guarding them, except the 2 or 3 where they are, and I feel sorry to the Forgemaster, so I do not change him for my Colossus, cus i really like the Forgemaster's design and concept. :)

screenshot by ShadowOfNV

- A new kind of Dwarven Automaton, that was first seen days ago
on the new ESO MORROWIND DLC trailer, the Dwarven Colossus;

- Custom Colossus sound;

- Custom Colossus loot, the Deconstruct Hammer,
specially usefull to destroy automatons;

- Immersion and a hard boss fight.

- The last Skyrim Update

- Dawnguard
- Hearthfire
- Dragonborn

I really want to thanks to several modders, because without some of their meshes 

and textures, that mod wouldn't exist. :) Please endorse and play all of them.
There's the list, with my sincere thanks:

the Colossus drops the Deconstruct Hammer by Alex9ndre
(Dwarven Automatons Weapons), thanks


Feel free to use my mod in your projects, no need to ask me 
for permission first. Have fun creating mods. :)
 I only ask you two things, first, do not use them in paid mods, and second, please give credits in your mod page to this mod page.

Mihail Romanov