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This RaceMenu preset is based of Katara, from Avatar.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes your character look like Katara, from Avatar.
If you have any tips, tricks, problems or questions: let me know!
And if you are interested in more, be ready :D
Enjoy the mod!

What does the mod do?
Water... Earth... Fire.... Air....
Long ago, Skyrim used to live in harmony with the Empire.
Then, everything changed when the Stormcloaks rebelled and the Dragons attacked!
Only the Dragonborn, master of the Thu'um could stop them...
But when the world needed him most, he was eating a sweetroll...

This mod adds a RaceMenu preset to your game. When selecting this preset, your character will look like Katara.
I based Katara from the original show (first season). 

You need RaceMenu and SKSE!
You also need Fair Skin Complexion mod and KS hairdos!
This preset only works on humans. (Redguard, breton, Nord, Imperial) But I recommend to choose for the Nord,
because of the frost resistance perk.

Character Build:
As an extra, I'll show you some tips to make your Katara playtrough complete.

1. Gear

Katara uses the Skaal fur armor. It is perfect! 
She does not use any weapons. Instead she uses magic.

2. Skills
Katara uses the following skills:
- Light Armor
- Destruction (Frost spells) 
- Restoration

3. Faction
She fits best within the Skaal village, altough that is not a faction. 
Maybe joining the college of Winterhold is a good option.

4. Mods
There is one mod essential that I highly reccomend for a Katara build.
"Elemental Destruction Magic" by reaperix. 
This mod adds water, wind and earth spells to your game. The water spells fit perfectly for Katara!

How to install:
Follow the following steps:

1. Make sure you have the following mods installed!
- RaceMenu
- FairSkin Complexion
- KS Hairdos

2. Download this mod manually

3. Drag the file to your Skyrim folder and then:
In order to make the "CharGen" file appear, you need to save your own preset first.

4. Start the game

5. Open console commands and type "showracemenu"

6. Click the tab "Presets"

7. Click "Load Preset"

8. Select "Katara" preset.


Many thanks for the support, comments and all.