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Since being orphaned at an early age, Sorbi has traveled Skyrim in a mission to educate and discover herself.

Rumors exist saying she was trained in the art of combat by the Forsworn and in the art of seduction and fashion by the women of
ill repute across Skyrim.

The only thing known for sure is that she travels with two short swords passed down to her from mystery family members.  
She now trains at the Whiterun-Skyforge while waiting for the mysterious Dragonborn to approach her in hopes they they
may learn from each other.

Name:  Sorbi
Race:  Custom Nord
Voice:  Female Young Eager
Marriageable:  Yes
Weight:  66
Height:  1.01
Body:  Custom CBBE & UUNP (SeveNBase Preset)
Skin:  Optimized Fair Skin
Armor:  Edhildils Helgenrogue (Some pieces enchanted)
Weapons:  Two Fenrir Short Swords (Upgradeable with Ingots in inventory)
Location:  Skyforge - Whiterun

Class:  Custom or Vanilla Option
Style:  Custom or Vanilla Option

Levels with player.  Nord traits/bonuses.
Skills/Perk Trees:  One Hand/Dual, Lightfoot
Spells:  Main File includes scripting for health and armor
Spells:  Vanilla-ish Option has healing related spells

*The Main File has custom made class/style/perks which many may find over powered*
*Vanilla-ish Options available that only has vanilla class/style/perks* 

Tested with AFT, EFF, & Follower LIve Package
ENBs Pictured:  Vividian & RealVision

HDT Body Versions

HDT Compatible Skeleton
HDT Physics

Non-HDT Body Versions

SeveNBase requirements of BBP/TBBP skeleton
CBBE Version has no known requirements

Modified Skeleton such as XPMSE
Are You There
Fix Lip Sync

Some ENBs may show slight skin discoloration between body and head

The CBBE/Armor version changes the custom shape of the body.
Please see the armor page's comments for more information on this.

Armor may clip during some poses/animations

Manual or your favorite mod manager

Manual or your favorite mod manager

Skyrim Mods & Modders
Children of Akatosh
Bethesda Mod Creation Collective
Skyrim Mods Follower Hoarders
The World of RipX
The New World of Skyrim YouTube Channel

Q:  Why do you make so many followers?
A:  I'm a follower hoarder/addict; since there is no Followers Anon I only have Nexus.

Q:  What is the difference by the Main & Vanilla-ish Versions?
A:  Mainly scripting.  Vanilla-ish contains no scripting
A:  Vanilla-ish also has less perks and speed.
A:  Vanilla-ish uses vanilla class/style.  Nothing custom.

Q:  Is she over powered?
A:  Yep, she sure is.  I created her that way.
A:  She was designed for those higher level players,
playing on advanced difficulty levels.

Q:  Will you release the Racemenu preset?
A:  My apologies, I no longer release my personal presets.

Q:  What armor can be put on the UUNP version?
A:  SeveNBase armors will work just fine with Vermith.
A:  Sorbi's body is just a tweaked SeveNBase preset.

Q:  Do you take requests, suggestions, complaints?
A:  I'm open to all requests, suggestions, and feedback as long as they are polite.

Edhildils Helgenrogue Armor
Fenrir Blades
Elewin Jewelry
Fair Skin
True Eyes
Maevan2 Eyebrows
SG Hairs (Google is your friend)
Succubus Preset (Initial Inspiration)
2k Lip Tints
RANs Eye Reflection Extender
Smile in HD
YevMods - Makeup Pack
Nif Merge
Nif Skope

*If I forgot anyone; please kindly remind me.  Thank You*

**A Big Shout Out to all members of Skyrim Mods & Modders Facebook group for their support & feedback
through the creation of Sorbi**

This follower is the combination of the work of others.  Please obtain their permissions in addition to mine.