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Are you tired of walking all the time because your over encumbered? Today, you can now increase your carry weight capacity with a simple spell cast. Increasing your carry weight by 10,50,90,150, and 300. (Please note Master Level is currently not in the world)

You are currently given the Novice level of the skill in your Whiterun Home. For those of you who don't purchase the home in Whiterun, the Novice skill can now be found in the home of the blacksmith in Riverwood. For the Riverwood location it is on the table containing the gold in the back right corner, for the Whiterun home it is on the bookshelf to your right when you enter. You can purchase Apprentice and Adept levels from Tolfdir at the Mages College in Winterhold. For the Expert level it is now located in the Lost Prospects Mine.

Again, master level is not placed in the game as of this minute. Due to the returns on the casts with them, they are going to be a quest and/or dungeon reward item only. And that is currently in progress.

This mod can also be found on SteamWorks here