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Minotaurs are a species of beastfolk that resemble a hybrid of man and bull. During the 1E, they were said to have symbolized the Alessian Empire, but after became more commonly seen as savage beasts by the people of Tamriel. This Skyrim variant has thick grey skin, small curved horns, use heavy weapons and armor, and some know shamanic arts.

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UESP wiki about Minotaurs- 

"Minotaurs, also called man-bulls or bull-men, are a species of beastfolk with the body of a man and the head of a bull. During the First Era, they were said to have symbolized the Alessian Empire, but in later eras became more commonly perceived as savage monsters by the people of Tamriel. They have thick grey or brown skin and large curved horns. Some Minotaurs clothe themselves in a simple loincloth and shawl or wear nose-rings. Others wear intricate leather armor, and some prefer to be completely naked. They are most commonly found in the Colovian Highlands, Great Forest and the Gold Coast regions. Although no records survive to confirm their origins, some scholars claim that Minotaurs trace their lineage back to the relationship between Empress Alessia and Morihaus. Their union gave birth to Belharza the Man-Bull, believed to be one of the first Minotaurs, who ruled the Empire after the death of Alessia. In the years during and after Empress Alessia's reign, Minotaurs began to appear in greater and greater numbers. During this time, some scholars believe the early Minotaurs possessed intelligence and culture comparable to other races of beaskfolk. Artwork and texts from the First Era suggest they were fiercely loyal to the Empire and were among Empress Alessia's most devoted defenders. Despite their devotion to the Empire, Minotaurs always a target of suspicion and fear because of their size and strength. With the rise of the fanatical Alessian Order, they were re-classified as 'monsters' no better than ogres or trolls and were driven into the forests, destroying whatever culture they previously possessed. Much of the evidence to support this claim was also destroyed in the intervening period while the Alessian Order ruled the Empire. One remaining fragment of an ancient tablet depicts Alessian troops revolting against Emperor Belharza, giving some credence to the theory. Minotaurs were not entirely wiped out by the Alessians and continue to roam the backwoods and hills of Cyrodiil throughout the following eras. By the 3rd Era their noble ancestry was all but forgotten when some of them were rounded up and used as opponents for arena matches in the Imperial City."

This mod brings to you 4 types of Minotaurs. They do not affect leveled lists or others creature mods, and are divided in 4 scales of power. The common Minotaur (frist seen on TES 1:ARENA), is, as his name says, the most common.
He his almost as strong as a giant, and use a giant hammer to atack. His main loot are the minotaur horns and his minotaur giant hammer.
After him we have the Minotaur Lord (first seen on TES4: Oblivion), bigger that the average Minotaur and more powerfull, he fights in the same style, but he his lesser common.
The third one is the Minotaur Gladiator (first seen on TES4: Oblivion, as the minotaurs that fight on the arenas), a variant of Minotaur that had made career on the arenas of cyrodiil and now is retired. Despite being not as big as a Minotaur Lord, he his much more experient in the arts of combat and his more dangerous that the Lord or the average common Minotaur. He also uses two long weapons in combat and have a barrel in his back when his kind keeps the weapons from the other gladiators they have killed in combat. When you kill one Minotaur Gladiator you can loot all that weapons he has.
And, the last one and in some aspects the most powerfull, is a variant of Minotaur versed in the shamanic arts of fire magic. The Minotaur Shaman (first seen on ESO) can cast some powerfull and explosive fire spells, and use a shield in combat too, and he his probably the rarest to see in Skyrim.

OBS- This mod adds the Skyrim variant of the Minotaur family, minotaurs more civilized, that use armor, some use magic, weavy weapons, and that are relatively smaller and slower, but much stronger, than the ones from Cyrodiil.
I have also released the cyrodilic minotaurs that are on cyrodiil frontier, while this skyrim ones are on the north parts of Skyrim.

- A new species, Minotaur, with 4 types
(common, Lord, Gladiator and Shaman);

- Custom Minotaur sound;

- Custom Minotaur loot;

- Custom Minotaur weapons;

- Immersion and more wildlife.

- The last Skyrim Update

- Dawnguard
- Hearthfire
- Dragonborn

Mihail- minotaur models, textures, animations,
sounds, loot, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:
tamu75- for the giant hammer some of them use
lolikyonyu and Oaristys- for some of the clutter the Shaman and Gladiator carry on their backs

THANKS! :)Mihail Romanov