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This is a new standalone armor mod with high quality textures for UNP bodies.

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  • Turkish

One time in Solitude in Radiant Raiment had worked a skillful seamstress. She always had a lot of orders. The armor set for the respectful thief had had to be her greatest work. Unfortunately, this order has become the last one. 
The work was done. The customer came to take the armor, but the seamstress refused to give it. The thief was furious. Radiant Raiment was raided, but there was no clue where to find clothing. The thief left with nothing, destroying the store.

The seamstress had had to pay damages, but she had no money for that. So she was imprisoned in Riften's jail.
Years went over the years and now the ypung lady is an old woman. 
She lived the rest of her days behind bars. But she still keep her secret. Nobody knows whay she refused to give the armor. Could she created the deadly and powerfull thing? Noone wants to see a big power in a wrong hands.

If you want to find the truth, seek for an old seamstress in Riften's jail. 

You can install this mod easily by putting meshes, textures and esp intor your DATA folder. You have to install HDT HighHeels System first!

I think my armor mods like this or Master of beasts is a project, where I'm trying to give tera armors new life. I'm really appreciate some designs and just want to make it more qualitative. I combine and cut meshes, because I want to create a new look. I don't want it to stay as TERA. I want it to rouge or Beast Master. I hope you'll understand what I mean. For example, Vogue Rouge contains 4 tera armors and it looks pretty cool, I think.
One remark. The body part had only one weight form. I tried to make the max weigh more 'visible', but failed. If anyone wants to help me with it - write me in PM.


Many thanks to:

asianboy345 for creating UNP convertion of Tera armors
Alecu for creating Rogue Armor and converting it for Skyrim too
apachii for amazing hair pack
jesusoden for helping with test and making screenshots