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Player hideout geared towards thief, stealthy merc, or assassin.

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Just Re-Released, Sleeping Tree Sanctuary

From eldiabs: No longer supporting this mod unless bethesda releases some actual decent content. If someone else wishes to take over the reins, drop me a msg.

You will need the main esm file as well as one of the esp files. Either the Assassin or Nightingale version. I won't respond to why won't this work comments anymore. Read the description please. Thank ye.

I don't accept donations for my work, but I do endorse donations to Child's Play.

Alternative Assassin version by Graevedigger Check his version out and endorse!
Alternative version by shockwave171 Check his version out and endorse!

Spouses Can Live Everywhere
Followers Can Relax
Wandering Dupe Mannequin Fix
Female Mannequins

I also HIGHLY recommend using Wrye Bash and BOSS to help in reducing mod conflicts. You'll be amazed at how well your game will function after using these.

Also, a user has reported that he lost his items in the upgrade. Might be a good idea to back up your saves and/or remove your items from the hideout. I had no issues in testing, but you never know. Better safe than sorry. Highly recommended if you are upgrading to one of the Nightingale or Assassin versions.

Has everything a player house needs. Check screenshots. Make sure to check out the video by SlyJonesGT in the video section. Gives a very good walk through.

Added a quick Plus version with an updated main room and additional bath/pool area. Not recommended for old saves. Start a new game with this one. Map Marker has been removed due to current CK bug that causes ctds. You've been warned. I won't reply to complaints if you did not read this.

Added noresetzone flag to the cells. Mannequins and what not should no longer reset. Not sure what this does to pick them at your own risk...

Back up your save, or remove all items, just in case.
Added - new war room (look behind banner), either Assassin or Nightingale version, choose one of the esp files.
Changed - some lighting to accommodate the additional lighting in the new room.
Each version uses a different Imagespace. So they will look and feel a little different.
If you activate more than 1 esp your computer will explode in an unholy burst of dragon's poo...actually, I don't know what will happen. Just use one.

Anything mannequin related is Bethesda's issue. I've done what I can. Wait for them to fix it. I won't respond to mannequin issues anymore.
Possible fix here:

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