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Compatibility patch for Requiem and Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul

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Hey all,

Firstly, first mod:)

Secondly, this is a patch that I have been kicking around trying to do for a while now. I have put a lot of work into this but I am a very novice player (and Alchemy was never really my forte) and these mods are so huge that it would be impossible to test everything. If any issues come up, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix. Also let me know of any balancing issues. A core component of Requiem is balance and I wanted to make sure that the balance and difficulty Requiem is known for remains intact. I am hoping that this patch will make the Alchemy tree more versatile and fun to use, not all the sudden turn Alchemists into an unstoppable force.

What does this do?

As the name suggests, It's a compatibility patch to get Requiem and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul to play nice with each other.


Requiem version (Requires Dawnguard)
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul version 1.2.1 (Requires all DLC's and Wiseman's Flora Overhaul)


Install this mod using your favorite mod manager. See the load order below. Don't forget to run the Reqtificator before running Skyrim.

Load Order

Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp (version 1.21)
Requiem.esp (version
Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp (not required but recommended)
Requiem - Hearthfire.esp (not required but recommended)
Fozars_Dragonborn_-_Requiem_Patch.esp (not required but recommended)
<other Requiem patches and mods that explicitly need to be loaded after Requiem>
Requiem - WM Flora Fixes.esp (not required but recommended)
Requiem - CACO.esp (I cannot speak for every load order but this patch is gigantic so it should be as low in your Requiem patches as possible).
<dynamic created esps like a bashed patch or skyproc patches>
Requiem for the Indifferent.esp

So as said, these 2 mods step on each other's toes a lot. So I did what I could to merge but I had to take some creative liberties. The notes below pertain to version 1.0.2

  • Found potions have been merged to the best of my abilities in terms of value and effectiveness
  • I am using Requiem's magic effect system (e.g. CACO fortify two-handed potions increases two-handed skill whereas Requiem increases two-handed weapon damage, Requiem wins). There are the following exceptions to this:
    • Potions of health, magicka, use CACO's configurable 1-5-10 second duration's (highly recommended to use 10 seconds).
    • Conversely, poisons of affliction, fatigue (formerly exhaustion), and damage magicka use CACO's configurable 1-5-10 second duration's.
    • Poisons of decay use CACO's 60 duration with added taper effect.
    • Poisons of exhaustion (formerly Fatigue) and spellfreeze follow CACO's mechanics and now will reduce the target's stamina or magicka to 0 for a short duration making them very devastating and highly sought after.
    • CACO's poison of strength drain now effect the undead. In Requiem's universe, damage is tied to stamina so it's redundant with poisons of fatigue. However undead have near infinite stamina so a fatigue poison would not work on them (they are immune anyway)
    • Potions of ably smithing, enchanting, and fortify alchemy increase your skill instead of crafted item effectiveness per CACO. These potions have received a slight boost over Requiem's severe nerfing.
  • Potion creation utilize CACO's calculation values. What this basically means is that created potions are a little less powerful and worth a lot less but grant a little bit more experience. And to compensate, since CACO requires WM Flora Overhaul, picking flora adds more ingredients. And CACO adds more catch-able wildlife to the environment (swamps have more dragonflies, ponds have a greater variety of fish, and meadows will have more butterflies - including nocturnal ones). There's even a mine-able alchemy ingredient. If one is willing to look, there is no shortage of ingredients to create potions from. Hence why all potions weigh .1 less.
  • CACO potion renaming function has been tweaked to follow Requiem's naming conventions.
  • Both newly added Alchemy rules remain intact. If you create a potion and you do not have the first perk, barring potions of vitality and remedy (more on that later), potions will be worthless. Likewise, if you create a potion with positive and negative effects, you will gain the experience but the potion will be labeled as impure and will thus be worthless.

Food: (The main reason why I did this ridiculous patch)
  • I have to admit that the food in CACO is frankly a master stroke and something I'll never be able to let go of again in my play through. Unfortunately, the food doesn't help when you're not regenerating HP. Therefore, Requiem wins conflicting food. For any of the new CACO food, I have written a formula to convert the health/stamina/magicka regen into the Requiem nutrition flat stam/mag restore. All other bonuses stay and high nutrition values have been converted to additional bonuses so it's still a good idea to strive and make the more complex dishes.
  • The bonuses gained from cooking experience if you have cooking xp enabled have been tweaked so that level 4 and 5 foods should (hopefully) not be too overpowered.
  • New raw foods have been converted to harm/help strong stomach races.
  • CACO food portioning has also been merged.
  • Food effect duration has been converted into in game hours instead of 7200 seconds per CACO.
  • 6 new beastial stew recipes have been added to account for all of the different kinds of meats CACO adds.
  • Requiem's bottled milk/bottled water have been incorporated into the CACO cooking system.

Alcohol and Inebriation:
  • The CACO stackable drink bonuses overrule.
  • Inebriation will now use a tweaked version of CACO's alcohol system.
  • All values that signify your levels of 'drunken-ness' have been lowered so alcohol has a stronger effect on the player. All stages of alcohol affect the player's magicka regen per Requiem.
  • Additionally, per Requiem, the player's total health and stamina now figure into the player's alchohol tolerance and how long the inebriation effects last for.
  • New image space modifiers have been created based off of Requiem's 'Drunk' IMAD with varying levels of severity (2 are less severe, 1 is even worse!)
  • To disable alcohol visuals, please use the CACO MCM, not Requiem’s.

  • I merged Naturalist, Field Alchemist, Anatomist and Catalyst into the Requiem Alchemist perk tree.
  • Alchemical Lore Rank 2 no longer discovers all of the ingredient's effects upon consumption. The total number of ingredients that you consume in your play through effect the chance of discovering the next ingredient (of which you can finally unlock all 4 after eating enough). This is a trait of the CACO snakeblood perk.
  • Similarly to the above, upon attaining the Immunization perk, the player's poison resistance is affected by the number ingredients consumed (ranging from lower to actually slightly higher than Requiem's static bonus). This is also a trait of CACO's Snakeblood perk.
  • Improved Poisons and Catalysis will now reduce all created potion/poison weights further by .1.
  • CACO's Chymist perk has an ability allowing found potions to be distilled into better potions at a retort. This function has been merged into the main perks of the Alchemist tree (ending with Purification Process allowing the player to distill 2 good potions into 1 remarkable).
  • CACO's standard healing poultices and antiseptics have been incorporated into Improved Elixirs (more on Poultices later). Requiem's additional bonus to health/stamina/magicka potions on top of the bonus to all beneficial potions have been removed.
  • Chymist's ability to create ingredient extracts have been merged into Purification Process at the retort. To compensate for this, Requiem's Purification Process innate bonus to all created potions have been nerfed.
  • CACO's Catalyst has been renamed to Vile Concoctions (after the amazing GUISE mod) as it was a little too close to Requiem's Catalysis. This perk is now used to create new Alchemical Powders added by this patch. All grenade recipes have been changed to rely on first creating Alchemical powders. Attaining Concentrated Poisons unlocks crafting grenades out of Alchemical Powders at the retort.
  • Creating wax poisons have been incorporated in the poison path unlocking higher tiers after getting more perks (ending with Vile Concoctions).
  • Fortified Muscles requirement has been changed from Mammoth Heart to Mammoth Hide as Mammoth hearts are redone in a different capacity (more on that later).
  • All perks have had their descriptions rewritten (IMO poorly) to describe the new abilities and to fit with the Requiem atmosphere.

Ingredients and Leveled Lists:
  • Since we are sticking with CACO's calculations, for potion creation, CACO is for the most part overruling in values. However, I tried to keep some of the Requiem flourishes intact for the following:
    • Daedra Hearts
    • Vampire Dust
  • There have been several magic effects that have been shuffled around:
    • All alchemy and enchanting and cure poison effects have been removed
    • Using Ably Persuading over Ably Haggling (both CACO and Requiem had the foresight to see that it was dumb to have both of these)
    • Incorporated Soul-Reaping into some of the new ingredients.
    • Increased the number of the effects that grant Vitality.
    • Added a new Remedy Potion (more on that later)
  • New Requiem ingredients have been restructured and incorporated into the CACO system. Animal hearts are added but in a different capacity. The ingredient values of animal hearts are above average compared to others but they will now require the Anatomist perk to extract properly.
  • Since Horker Tusks are now an ingredient, Horker Fat has been removed as an ingredient and instead can be used to create Animal Tallow and Cooking Oil at cooking pots.
  • Leveled lists have been adjusted on both ends
    • For looting animals and other creatures that drop ingredients, I merged both mods together the best I could to incorporate the new ingredients but also not re add the loot that Requiem takes away. I also try to balance the new Requiem items with what has been added with CACO (e.g. Mudcrab meat)
    • All CACO Leveled Lists have been de-leveled and should honor Requiem’s calculations for finding random treasure (especially when it comes to healing potions)
    • In general, loot from enemies (especially animals) will not be as plentiful but the ingredients extracted from animals tend to be stronger than harvested ingredients.
    • Inn and food vendor leveled lists have been merged.
    • Daedra Hearts have been removed from all CACO leveled lists

Poultices and Bandages:
  • This is probably the biggest change as it affects all players, not just Alchemists.
  • Since both Requiem and CACO introduce healing poultices, I did my best to merge the two into something hopefully pretty fresh and conducive. The Requiem recipe (which has been expanded to include any type of Alcohol) is now used to make a modified version of the CACO simple healing poultice. These heal for 1hp every 4seconds (which is 2.5x more powerful than Requiem’s healing poultice. Keep in mind that the 2 work differently. CACO's is a flat hp restore. Requiem's boosts health regen) and can be stacked twice. They will also heal while in combat. The caveat to this is that they must be applied to a clean bandage and then applied to a body part causing you to forfeit your gloves and/or a helmet or circlet. Additionally, once fully healed or removed, the bandages become sterile and unusable until cleaned and a new poultice applied. So while the poultices may heal quicker, you will also go through them quicker and they will also render you less protected in combat.
  • Contrary to CACO, simple poultices are available to create without any perk investment. The second tier Standard poultices require the Improved Elixirs perk.
  • If resting while wearing a healing poultice, you will awaken fully healed per Requiem.
  • Additionally, before applying a healing poultice to a bandage, you can also choose to apply the poultice to your horse. This works the same as it did in Requiem (heals very slowly over a long duration, cannot be in combat or sprinting etc.)
  • Variations of these new poultices and bandages have been merged into apothecary and bandit loot leveled lists.
  • More details can be found in the newly written recipe for purchase at your local apothecary ;)

Altars and Cure Disease:
  • CACO and Requiem add new mechanics when it comes to curing disease and poison. CACO prevents curing diseases at altars and instead grants a 25% disease resistance buff for 8 hrs. This is very incompatible with Requiem’s Elixirs of Vitality as they are very expensive and the ingredients required to make Elixirs of Vitality are on the higher end. To remedy the situation, I have introduced Elixirs of Remedy (see what I did there?). These potions act as your standard Cure Disease potion with one stipulation, they cannot be while in combat. However, they are more affordable, are much easier to create, and like Elixirs of Vitality, can be made without Alchemy Perks.
  • There are around 25 ingredients that can be combined to make Elixirs of Remedy.
  • In order to keep with the Requiem spirit of having any character build be viable, I have added 8 new Potion of Cure Disease recipes that are for sale at apothecaries. That way, a non-alchemist does not have to fumble around in the dark to create Elixirs of Remedy.
  • Elixirs of Remedy have been incorporated into alchemy shops and anywhere else where you would find Elixirs of Vitality.

  • Reduced the amount of health gained from blood samples extracted from the CACO blood extractor so they instead act more as high end ingredients as Requiem Vampires can feed on a victim’s blood anyway.
  • Requiem values and duration overrule on Elixir of Blood. Elixir’s of Blood are now instrumental in combining with the CACO blood samples to make the special Elixirs of Blood that CACO introduces.

Powders & Grenades
  • As was lightly touched on in Perks, new powders have been introduced that are unlocked with the Vile Concoctions perk. These powders require some hefty ingredients but can do some immense damage.
  • Grenades have also received a boost to damage and radius (especially the last 2 tiers). This makes the 3rd tier grenades very powerful but also very lethal as you can very easily be caught within the blast radius. In close quarters, it would be best to use the powders.
  • Both powders and grenades have had their recipes tweaked and merged for better synergy.

  • Animal poisons should be compatible with CACO’s configurable Venom Lethality in the MCM menu. When ticked up to deadly, you will still be damaged slowly, but the loss could be lethal instead of just a minor annoyance.
  • CACO has a configurable option to set how many of a certain crop yields 1 septim for farm jobs. I have added some multiples to the script so for cabbages, how many crops = 3 septims, squash (gourd) = 5 septims, ninroot = 50 septims.
  • Increased the prices of CACO higher level Mortars and Pestles and the CACO Crucible.

CACO Bug Fixes
  • So I know that these will probably be addressed in the next CACO update. But while we are waiting:
    • I fixed a bug when power attacking with devastating incendiary grenades.
    • Lingering undead damage poisons have been properly classified as poisons.
    • (I have yet to find this so this is still untested) I have added Sugar to some leveled lists, so hopefully those recipes that require sugar will not be laughing in your face anymore.

Known Incompatibilities
  • Elixirs of Vitality, when used will break CACO’s basic needs. Please use another needs mod. If you insist on using CACO’s basic needs, disable and reenable Basic Needs in the CACO MCM menu after using an Elixir of Viatlity.
  • Healing poultices will cause issues when leveling up. When you level up, you get all of your HP back and then Requiem subsequently damages you to get you back to where you were. This causes poultices you are wearing to unequip since you technically had all of your health back. Please remove them or wait until you are fully healed before leveling up.

Credits and Kudos

kryptopyr for CACO
Xarrian, Ogerboss and the rest of The Requiem Dungeon Masters
Elminster AU for Tes5Edit
Matortheeternal for his amazing Tes5edit scripting tutorials and resources

iNeed Dangerous Diseases Expanded
Spacegorilla1 for his CACO Extra Compatibility Patches and for allowing me to use his resources for my iNeed patch.
isoku for iNeed and for allowing me to modify his disease scripts.

Requiem CACO Compatibly Patches
kryptopyr again for putting work into making the official CACO patches.
thetrader for his work with the Requiem 1.9.4 Patch Central
David J. and LoRd KoRn for Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2
missjennabee for Expanded Towns and Cities
zer0morph for Requiem - Behind the Curtain
axonis for Requiem - Minor Arcana
perseid9 and Ro84 for Realistic Needs and Diseases and the USLEEP All in One
Dragonsong for Hunterborn and Czartchonn for Requiem Hunterborn Alchemy
msleeches for Vampiric Thirst
IronDusk33 for Spell Research

And lastly, Feedback from the Nexus and Requiem Reddit communities. You guys are amazing :)