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This mod adds a new small land to the game. New armors and a new sword. This mod was inspired by Resident evil, Metroid and Dark Souls series.

Permissions and credits


1- A new land to explore. This land is more like a Dungeon Island. This is not a Land with towns and Dungeons, this island is the Dungeon!.
2- Five new challenging Bosses.
3- Five new Armor Sets. (recolors and reshapes of vanilla armors)
4- A New Powerful Sword for those who conquer the island.
5- A quest that won't hold your hand, once you arrive to the island, you are on your own.

Go to Farengar's office in Dragonsreach, you will find a new book on his desk.

Turn all the in game subtitles to see the dialogues.

- This mod is focused on Warriors and any of it's variations. Full Mages or Stealth Builds won't benefit from this mod.
- The suggested level to play this quest is lvl 40+
- Set your difficulty level to ADEPT (normal).
- This is a solo adventure. Leave your companion at home. This island wasn't designed with companions in mind.

- I'm not a native English Speaker so, please, let me know if you find any grammar errors. I checked and double checked my texts and dialogues but there is always something.
- If you get really stuck and lost in the quest, you can ask me for help in the comment section.


Just use Nexus Mod Manager.

Safe to uninstall since my mod doesn't modify any vanilla cells beyond just adding a boat and a book, that's all. Just take the common precautions like you do when uninstalling any other mods.
Create a new save outside of my island, make sure you don't have any of my items on your inventory, etc...

I don't think there are any compatibility issues, my mod is very basic. But for immersion purposes I make the following warnings but you shouldn't worry too much:

1.-  Weather changing Mods or any Mods that deal with, climates, storms, clouds, skies, etc might change the overall climate of my Island. The climates on my island are like that for a reason, it's part of the lore and it's part of the inmersion and design of my worldspace. I don't know how those Mods work or if they could conflict with the climates in my island.

2.- Mods that change the Combat Style or the overall Behavior of enemy NPC's might break or even Improve the combat style of my enemies. The AI and the combat style of my bosses and enemies were carefully tweaked. I don't know how AI or Combat mods would affect them. I just hope they do what they are supposed to do to a certain extent.


My NPC's don't have voice acting, it's all subtitles. Apparently these subtitles are not showing correctly for some people, if you come across with this issue, DOWNLAD the "Dialogue Fix" version of my mod and DOWNLAD:

Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice by shadeMe

I've been told by different users that this solves the issue. I really hope you don't have to do all this. I created this mod with no requirements, it has to work and it does for most people, but some users are running into this Dialogue Issue, plase, let me know if this fix works, thanks!.


I want to thank the awesome Nexus and youtube comunity for all those tutorials, and the time they took to answer my questions, sharing solutions to all the problems I encountered during the development of this Mod.

Thanks to Aragorn58 for helping me testing this Mod.

The song I used for the in-game intro video and the Trailer was: "Flight Hymn" by Ross Bugden - Music


Bug Fixes:

v1.1 - I accidentally put a wrong name to one of my folders. it's working now.

v1.2.1 -
Fixed the bug that blocks the dialogue for two of my NPC's when it's raining, forcing the player to reenter the town for it to work.

v1.2.2 - Apparently some people are having problems with Skyrim not reading the dialogue sound files from the BSA. I've added an alternate version for those who are having this issue. Manual install please.

  • Added a lever to reopen the Portcullis inside King's Tower, allowing the player to reenter the tower at will.
  • Removed the Frigid Knight Armor from the Volcano Area, allowing the player to go inside the Volcano before actually killing the boss. It was there for testing purposes but I forgot to remove it XD
  • I added more visual clues so the player can find the last "Pure Chrysolite Crystal" more easily. It was very well hidden, like, really well hidden.

v1.6 - I added more clues so the player can find the "Materials" necesary to craft the "Sword" and go back home with a good reward.

Please report any bugs you find.