Mrak (Darkness) werewolf by Nibiros13
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Last updated at 17:56, 18 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 8:21, 30 Jan 2017

Mod add a one follower. His name Mrak (Darkness). He is a werewolf. The mod is voiced.

"Driven by thirst for vengeance, hunted by the humans, he has found a new home at Graybeards and can be your friend"

Skyrim Legendary 1.9 or higher

Update: 2.0
  • was added a spell to call Mrak to you. You can find a spell near the candle-lights into the Hrotgar (look screenshots)
  • was changed his hight. now he is smaller
  • was removed a dialogue "Do you like my home?"
  • fixed his base carry weight, now he realy can to carry a 2000 kg
  • now he will stay to wait for you in any location where you will leave him

Class: Tank
Atack: 2x50 by each claw, Fire Anger, Voice of Fire
Location: High Hrotgar
Uniques:  He will stay in any location that you will leave him
Disposition Weight: 2000 (a big beast and powerful)
Body: in separated folder, so the each werewolf won't be a big.
His Howl: in to a main sound folder, that's mean the each werewolf will be have this howl.

Alone revenger, who will be your friend.


Don't let him to use a horse!
Or you will be watching how he rape a horse duaring a 2 hours
Or the Game will crash!

Bigger Badder Werewolves by Orcadude (thanks for a body)
Werewolves - The Curse of Hircine by Cid88 (thanks for a howl)

Have a nice game!

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