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Adds 22 different jobs to help with both role-playing and immersion.

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  • Hungarian
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Ever wanted to earn money without entering dungeons or doing dangerous tasks for potentially shady people? Yeah? Well, this is the mod for you, my friend! This mod adds 22 jobs for you to do around Skyrim, with shadiness and danger being optional.
This mod is mostly the same as the original, with changes to be compatible with USLEEP.

To get this mod working, turn Dialogue Subtitles on in your settings. This is required for the mod to function. I recommend using fuz ro d-oh for the best experience.  Talk to any of the new NPCs to receive a task. Make sure you wait until they finish talking before you walk away.

  • Alchemist
  • Blacksmith
  • Bounty hunter
  • Brewer
  • Cook
  • Courier
  • Delivery man
  • Dragon hunter
  • Enchanter
  • Guard
  • Hall of The Dead worker
  • Hired Assassin
  • Hired Thief
  • Jewelcrafter
  • Merchant assistant
  • Necromancer
  • Poacher
  • Priest
  • Tailor
  • Tax collector
  • Waitress/bartender

  • All Official DLC, including Hearthfire


  1. Use mod manager of choice; My recommendation is Mod Organizer.
  2. Click Download with Manager or Download Manually.
  3. Install with your mod manager or place all contents of the zip in the /skyrim/Data folder.


  • Some quest don't have a marker for completion. This means you can turn it to any eligible quest giver - if you took the quest in Riverwood, you can complete it at the same NPC in Rorikstead. Quests that have to be turned to a specific NPC will always have a marker on them.
  • For alchemy and enchanting, the quest is being done by having you do the potion/enchantment through a custom craft station ie: a satchel for alchemy and a *Daedric hand* for enchanting. Make sure to look at the objective markers properly since they will lead you to the good crafting station to make the job work properly.
  • Some NPCs will not have any dialogue unless you bring them something. Try bringing a pelt collector wolf or bear pelts, a fisherman fish, etc.


  • No issues so far. If you suspect any, please comment so that I can investigate.


  • When reporting bugs, the most important thing is if I can reproduce them. When submitting a bug report, I will need to know exactly what happened, where it occurred, what you did, and if you could reproduce your issue. I may also need a copy of your mod list, in pastebin or form.