Liz follower preset by Cantregisterlol
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Since there were requests about my follower as a preset, here it is:


Enhanced Character Edit 1.4 or Racemenu


Eihei Skin Texture
Better Females Eyebrows
- SG hair pack 350

- manually:
   -Copy the .SLOT file to your ECE presets folder, which is in documents\my games\Skyrim\cme_save\
   -Copy the .nif and .dds file to your RM CharGen folder, which is in Skyrim\Data\skse\plugins\CharGen
   -Put the eye texture in Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\eyes\ and rename it with the name of an eye texture you don't need, therefore replacing it

Set up ingame:

ECE: Simply load the preset in the "body" tab
RM: Go to the "sculpt" tab and add a mask around your neck to prevent a seam. Then, import the .NIF that you previously installed.

Afterwards, choose the correct eye texture, hairs and eyebrows ingame in ECE / Racemenu. This is needed for you to do yourself since skyrim sorts mods uniquely and a preset won't recognize which number the desired texture/model is. The hairs name is "hairbffh".