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Didn't you find it weird that the housecarls that serve you as Thane haven't been through proper training? This mod changes that and makes them scale better with level, by giving them the perks they were lacking, plus some quality of life enhancements. They will also level up with you to level 60 instead of 50, and they're essential; they will kneel for a while instead of dying.

The perks that have been added to the housecarls are listed below. I'm sticking to their original fighting style preferences, so they're all trained to use Heavy Armor with One-Handed/Block (as listed), with the exception of Rayya and Valdimir, who use Heavy Armor with Dual Swords and Light Armor with One-Handed/Magic, respectively. Those two have received the equivalent perks for their fighting styles. All housecarls have also received some perks for the skills they don't use, to make them more capable of switching fighting styles, although it will not be optimal.

This mod is extremely simple and lightweight. Wrye Bash will automatically detect that it can be merged into your Bashed Patch to save a load order slot. It has been tested with ASIS and Amazing Follower Tweaks, so it should be compatible with most mods, including perks overhauls like Ordinator.


Armsman (Rank 2)
Bladesman (Rank 2)
Bone Breaker (Rank 2)
Hack and Slash (Rank 2)
Dual Flurry (Rank 1)
Fighting Stance
Critical Charge
Savage Strike


Barbarian (Rank 2)
Deep Wounds (Rank 1)
Skullcrusher (Rank 1)
Limbsplitter (Rank 1)
Champion's Stance

Heavy Armor:

Juggernaut (Rank 3)
Well Fitted
Tower of Strength
Fists of Steel

Light Armor:

Agile Defender (Rank 2)
Custom Fit


Shield Wall (Rank 3)
Power Bash
Deadly Bash
Deflect Arrows
Elemental Protection
Block Runner


Stealth (Rank 2)
Muffled Movement
Light Foot


Overdraw (Rank 2)
Magic Resistance (Rank 1)
Extra Pockets

Available for Skyrim Special Edition here.