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Adjusts the rather lackluster stats of Nehrimese soldiers and makes them more of a credible threat to the player and other NPCs. Also makes a few smaller adjustments.

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Enderal - Nehrimese Soldier Tweaks 

For an army that's been described as being superior to Enderal's in practically every way in dialogue and in universe, I found that hard to believe when I see them get wiped out by effectively anybody.  What this mod does is improve upon the rather lackluster stats the Nehrimese have (in general) as well as make a few minor changes to make them more of a credible threat.

It's highly recommended to activate this BEFORE the end of MQ09 (The Lion's Den) so the additional soldiers are enabled at the quest's conclusion.


 - Sets the level for most soldiers from 25-30.  A handful of them are now between levels 30-40.  This makes it harder for certain talents and spells being used against them (especially for lower level players), as previously many of their levels were set in the single digits.
 - Increases their combat related stats so they're more proficient in that area.  
 - Health has been increased, so on average they range from 250-300 HP, up from ~150 HP.  Reduced slightly for troops at level 40 and ones encountered at the endgame to reduce damage sponginess.
 - Adds the heavy armor variant, so officers and select soldiers now wear heavy armor.  Stats are in between Fine Steel and Rune armor.
 - Troops at outposts now respawn to give the impression that more are landing.  Slightly increased the number stationed at these outposts.
 - Re-enables another group that was supposed to appear in Goldenforst, and adds more soldiers to this group.


 - Alma now uses a sword instead of an axe to better fit dialogue about her.
 - Used unused assets in the game files to replace the models for the regular boots and gloves, since the originals were bugged or the texture wasn't mapped correctly.
 - Made some adjustments to outfits.
 - Level 40 Nehrimese are named as "Elite Nehrimese Soldiers."  Even in vanilla Enderal they already had better stats and equipment compared to their weaker counterparts.
 - Changes the appearance of a few soldiers to prevent them from looking too identical from each other.
- Added in Nehrimese Battlemages/Spellswords to supplement the standard Nehrimese soldiers.
- Increased experience gained from certain Nehrimese soldiers.


Enderal Launcher


 Simply place the esp file in the Enderal data folder and enable it in the Enderal launcher.


Check it off in the Enderal launcher and delete it from the Enderal Data folder.


Only thing I've found so far is that in 1st person, the Nehrimese Heavy Gauntlets are kinda odd looking.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a 1st person mesh for it.  Also, anything that edits Nehrimese soldiers.

Feedback is much appreciated!


Thanks to SureAI for this wonderful TC and for letting me reuse the assets in the game files.


1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Re-enables another group, readjusts some stats, and changes the appearance of a few soldiers
2.0 - Updated for compatibility with the latest patch.  Replaces certain Wild Mages that were with some soldiers with Nehrimese Battlemages/Spellswords. Also adjusted experience gained, combat AI, stats, and appearances for some soldiers.
2.0.1 - Updated for Forgotten Stories release. - Improved armor value for Nehrimese Heavy Armor to reflect improved stats for Fine Steel & Rune armor. - Adjusted some AI data so they'll only assist members of their own faction and to match the current version of FS, minor adjustment to stats for some NPCs. - Updated for latest version of Enderal (