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Added: 08/02/2012 - 06:50AM
Updated: 12/02/2012 - 09:14PM

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Last updated at 21:14, 12 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 6:50, 8 Feb 2012

This mod adds a house to Dawnstar that the player can live in.

Update 1.2:
- added a door to the Dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in the house (requires a key found in the master bedroom in the sanctuary cause I wasn't sure if this would mess anything up with the DB quest line)
- added two weapon racks
- made a deck for the outside bottom floor of the house
- changed map marker location to a little closer to the shore

Update 1.1:
- added three chairs to balcony
- deleted trees to give a better view from balcony
- added map marker
- house name is now Bayside
- new NPC named Arcadia can be found in the Dawnstar inn
- you now must buy the key to Bayside from Arcadia for 10,000 gold (note: you must have 10,000 gold in your inventory to have the buy option)
- the key to Bayside can not be found in the inn anymore so you have to buy the house

If you want to buy the house and have already saved with this mod on you can either just go buy a key to the house or start the game without the esp loaded, save the game then start the game again with the esp loaded. This will take away the key from you and the only way to get it is by buying it from Arcadia.

Well actually if you don't want to buy the house you can still get a key. I hid a key in the house so if you would rather find the key then buy the house open up your console and type 'coc DawnStarHome' This will take you inside the home but it will not unlock the doors so you must find the key inside.

Right now only the player can go in the house (no companions) but hopefully I can get this fixed soon.

1. copy the files into your skyrim data directory
2. load the esp and play the game

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