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A new largely people free worldspace for Hunters

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Now available for SSE

Update 13 May 19: Version 2.2 adds more stuff around the place, removed annoying ambient tree bird, fixes some bugs and adds some custom dialogue to Hardrock Cove to add flavour. I have also replaced and renamed the grass meshes so it won't clash with any skyrim grass replacers. Shorter Grass now the default.

Note on Horses:
A user asked about horses crossing into Hunters world. So I investigated; there is no vanilla way of doing this; it needs to be scripted so you need a Mod, the only two that do this that I know of are Immersive Horses and Tasheni Followers (both teleport specific horses); notably Convenient Horses does not. 


Hunters World Revisited is a mod for Hunters and Survivalists that allows you to sail to a largely people free world (based on Breti's NewWorld) and Hunt, it's called Hunters World. It is a development of my previous Mod of that name but is now standalone and doesn't require Newworld. Also if you want to see this world full of places and people that's what my Shumer Mod does.

In Hunters World:

1. There is a tiny harbour with a player lodge, a general stores, three NPCs and
a horse. There is also a cabin up in the mountains and a Fishing village in the South.

Changes/additions to the original Newworld

1. A large new landscaped area down the Western side of the world (open landscape like the Reach)
2. Removed the Japanese house which was not very huntery.
3. added 15 Caves (there were none in Newworld)
4. Upgraded the flora
5. There are 50 World Encounters scattered around the world some not dangerous some dangerous.
6. Added new music to my taste.
7. Another small worldspace called the Vale.

In Skyrim:

There is a enabled map marker near Solitude called Hunters Pier, where you can catch a
boat going to Hunters World, the activator is on the wheel  and offers two options, Hardrock Landing or Fisherman's Cove. The pier is under the arch.

Things To be Done

1. Add custom mineable things and appropriate crafting.
2. Add more collectable/ingredient flora.
3. Optional Hunting Lodge - I shall probably nick something appropriate from Shumer
4. Other things I think of. More monsters perhaps.


and my plugin from the files section

Loose Files

Drop them all in you data directory and your done or use the MO/NMM thingy if you want

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Tyler Will "Shumer-Open Area Music" written for
TRG Banks under Licence
Philip Weigl under Licence

Voices Credits:
Aran - Impressionist
Gerant - MDarkbladeM
Jura - Ishy

Modder Resources Used and credited

Breti's Newworld Mod
Building Kits by jet4571
Stoneware from Darkrider
Statics from FPI Research
Potbelly Oven from Stroti
Reources from Tamira
Hoddminir Flowers by elinen
Colourful Shrubs by mentha
GKB Trees by Ga-Knomboe Boy

DK's Ships by DeviantKaled
Phitt's Sheogorad Resource by tamira