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This mod is the extended version of hfiani's Flying Thunder God Jutsu. Mark location as well as Objects, NPC or Weapons etc... and teleport to them at will.

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Teleport Art
Flying Thunder God Jutsu

Remake of hfiani's "Flying Thunder God Jutsu" by Cotoman3

  • 9 Kunai
  • 4 spells: add location, add object, remove mark and the teleport spell

This mod is about Yondaime's Jutsu: Flying Thunder God. You will have 9 Kunai to place them at any place you like, also 2 spells to mark either a location or a certain object, and within few seconds you will be able to teleport yourself to any of those marks.
What this mod does:
  • it is easy to use and all it takes is casting a spell and a click.
  • you are at a sensitive spot and the game will not allow you to return (Example: Sovngarde,...), just mark the location and return later.
  • you keep losing your follower? want to track some NPC? just mark him and teleport to him at will.
  • you like a certain object, maybe a weapon, you gave it to a follower but forgot who? placed or dropped it somewhere but forgot where? mark it and find it whenever you wish
  • 9 kunai where not enough? well now it's 128 marks: 9 kunai and 119 extra marks with possibility to remove the one you no longer need

Install SKSE
Install UIExtensions
Unzip the files from this mod and put them into the Data folder.
Go to Elisif's royal room at Blue Palace at solitude. and check the table at the right when you enter the room, you will find 9 kunai and the spell tomes to teach you the jutsu.

Delete the files you extracted. if you don't know them delete those:
  • ThunderGodJutsu.esp
  • ThunderGodJutsu.bsa

Yondaime and Asuma Kunai from Naruto by Stoltie92
hfiani for the original mod

skse: Required
UIExtensions: Required
Flying Thunder God Jutsu: the new mod was named completely different so that it does not get mixed with the old version.

Q: Where to find the spells and 9 kunai?
A: Solitude, Blue Palace, Elicif's Royal bedroom, Table.

Q: One of my marked objects is gone missing/disabled/killed, what to do?
A: Sometimes, the mark will still be where the object was last placed before it got missing/disabled/killed. But you can always use the remove spell to avoid issues.

Q: Is this mod compatible with the first Flying Thunder God Jutsu mod?
A: As i said, this one was renamed so that no issues pop. but i prefer to disable the old mod, even if this means losing the old references.

Q: I removed a marker and their order got messed up. Why?
A: Yeah well, this is a bug in FormList it seems, I don't know if I will fix this soon, but i recommend that no one uses Remove unless it is very necessary.

Any questions/comments/suggestions please post them in the comments section