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For one of my cinematic cut projects on my Youtube channel, I made Bishop to my main character. He is not just transfered as file from Skyrim Romance Mod, but made by myself based on Skyrim Romance Mod. I´ve spent a lot of hours working on him, and I think the result is quite nice. 


Watch Bishop in my "Rigmor of Bruma" adventure, if you want to see him in action. 

2. RaceMenu v. 3.4.5
3. Apachii Hair Male
4. The Eyes of Beauty
5. Better Male Bodies - Geonox Faces and any body type of your choice
6. Brows 

Installation: Use NMM to easily install file

- or -

1. download and unzip the .RAR and search for: "Bishop.jslot"
2. locate your presets folder in your Skyrim Directory (ex. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\SKSE\plugins\CharGen\Presets)
3. put "Bishop.jslot" in your Presets folder.
4. open the game and type "^" to open the console.
5. type "showracemenu" to activate RaceMenu,
choose Nord race.
6. you´ll find Bishop at the Presets slider.

Have fun with this nice guy :-)

My other preset:

Do NOT make a follower of this or my other preset without my permission.


Skyrim Romance Mod 
for giving me permission to puplish him in my own variant, based on their variant, as shown in the pictures and in the videos.