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Captain of the corsair ship 'The Red Trident'. Althought like his crew, he sees himself more as a Pirate then a Corsair.

Yashush lost a wife and two daugthers to slavers, reason behind is hostility against any slaver's ship he encounters. He recruited most of is crew members from such slaver's ships, freeing those enslaved and offering them a place amongst his crew as most of those poor souls had nowhere to go back to. For those who refused or had some place to go back to, they would be left at the first dock the ship would encounter with enough gold to start anew.

Yashush runs his ship like an Orsimer chieftain would run his stronghold and his crew members are like his children.

  • Marriageable
  • Essential
  • Specialize : Heavy armor, 1 handed, Block and Archery
  • Found : Winking Skeever Inn - Top Floor

Seasoned sailor and warrior. Haddvir is Yashush blood brother and one of the original crew member of the Red Trident still remaining aboard aside the captain.

  • Marriageable
  • Essential
  • Specialize : Heavy armor, 2 handed and Block
  • Found : Wandering the Solitude's docks

Lazgoth was rescued from a ship wreckage by Yashush and his crew when she was pregnant. Although she survived the ship wreck, she did not survive the birth of her child. The crew of the Red Trident took it upon themselves to raise the newborn orsimer. Naenia practically grew up on the Red Trident, its crew the only family she ever had.

  • Marriageable
  • Essential
  • Specialize : Heavy armor, 1 handed and Block
  • Found : Wandering the Solitude's docks

Formerly a Shadowscale. Draesh left his homeland to join the crew of the Red Trident after they assisted in the defense of a Hatching Pool against Thalmor raiders. He shared the disdain the captain and the rest of the crew had toward slavery and choose to remain with them, regardless of having repaid the debt he felt he had toward Yashush thrice over.

  • Marriageable
  • Essential
  • Specialize : 1 handed (dual-wield), Sneak, Light armor and Restoration
  • Found : Winking Skeever Inn

Sold to slavers as a child. Eireena was shipped to many different lands and sold over and over again. Changing often of owner, each more twisted then the previous one. When she 'old enough', she was sold to some pirate as a wife, truth was, she had been sold as a personal sexual slave.Rebellious to the very core, she resisted her new 'master'. One night in a drunken rage, he threw an empty bottle at her, the glass shard badly scared her face.

She escape the chains of slavery when the pirate ship she was on was sunk by a rival ship. Finding herself on an other ship, she quickly thought she had traded a set of chains of an other one. Surprisingly, the Orsimer captain, offered her a place amongst the crew of his ship.

Free spirited. Like most pirates, she enjoys getting drunk and a good brawl as much as she loves shiny objects. She vividly hate anything related to slavery and tend to go out of her way to make that abondently clear to any slavers she comes across.

  • Marriageable
  • Essential
  • Specialize : 1 handed, Sneak, Light armor and Block
  • Found : Winking Skeever Inn

Son of a wealthy slaver. Baal never saw eye to eye with his father when it came to his trade, therefore, heated argument between the two was common place. He had no intention on following his father footsteps and taking over the family business, He was disgusted by it. Baal began sabotaging his own father's trade and eventually was recruited by the Captain of the Red Trident.

  • Marriageable
  • Essential
  • Specialize : Destruction, Alteration and 1 handed
  • Found : Wandering the Solitude's docks

Skaal hunter. When his wife and children were captured by slavers,he tracked them down in hope to free his family. He managed to take down some of the guards but the slaver used Dalk's son as a shield in order to get the hunter to drop his weapons. Dalk offered a trade to the slaver ; him for his family freedom. Seeing as he could fetch a good amount of coin from the hunter, the slaver agreed to the deal or let Dalk believe he did. The remaining guard restrained Dalk and knocked him out. When the Skaal hunter awoke, he discovered the slaver's treachery ; his family had not been released - his wife killed and his children already sold.

The ship he was caged on was sunk by Corsairs and Dalk was rescued by the crew of the Red Trident. He agreed to join the ship's crew as the Captain shared in his grief and agreed to help him search for his lost children.

  • Non-Marriageable
  • Essential
  • Specialize : Archery, 2 handed, Light armor and Sneak
  • Found : Wandering the Solitude's docks

KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
DIMONIZED UNP female body by Dimon99
Viper's Warpaint by Vitvalecka
Natural Eyes by Nevenbridge
SG Female Texture Renewal by Hello Santa
The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

Better Male by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
Complete Male Overhaul by Mok Chaoticran
Skysight Skin by Fadingsignal
Smooth Male Body by Urshi
Fine Face Texture for men by Urshi
Northborn Scars by Northborn
High Resolution Scars by Xeniu

Cannot find.....?

Haddvir,Dalk, Baal, Naenia wander about the Solitude's docks. You have to go all the way down the stairs onto the docks to find them, they'll most likely be standing on one of the boats or sitting on one of the pier ( or one of the small boats). A glitch that may happen is that two NPC will be sitting at the exact same spot hence why you may not see one of them.

Make Dalk Marriageable


Custom voice?
They are not. Perhaps in a distant future they will but that's not any time soon. Don't try to black mail me with endorsing the mod only if they have a custom voice : I don't care.

CBBE Version ?
Eventually, not in my priority right now.

What body and texture do the male uses ?
If you are not familiar with my mods, they use whatever body and textures you have installed.

Their ugly..
Nobody said you had to download the mod...nor do I care if they are not to your personal liking. Don't bother asking me to change something about their facial features - I will not

Moar tits plox?
Not my style...I don't do Waifu.