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Vanilla male & female footwear adaptation for Better Males & UNP.

Permissions and credits
UNP Fem footwear.

Better Males Sundracon malefeet mesh fix. Please, see the picture, read Readme.

Ever noticed all the Forsworn guys have a daub instead of toes since you skipped to Better Males?
Forsworn boots are one of the coolest stuff in Skyrim, aren't they?
Male feet deserve to look perfect (at least correct). Meanwhile, look at barkeeper's ankles when he is wearing his shoes, at prisoner's footwraps, at fur shoes on bandits... - they all include body part of the mesh looking wierd.
This mod is intended to fill the gap partially. Think I may consider it to be a project, because it covers, or recovers not all the footwear so far.
So, if you have Males of Skyrim or any other mod uses the Better Males (and based on Better Males) body replacer, you may find it useful.


Footwear v.1.3:

-barkeeper shoes;
-darkbrotherhood shoes;
-falmer boots;
-fineclothes shoes (02);
-forsworn boots (body parts added, gap on calves covered);
-fur shoes (bandit);
-mythic dawn shoes;
-prisoner shoes (footwraps).

1.Footwraps (bloody);
2.Moth Priest Sandals.

Footwear v.1.2:
-barkeeper shoes;
-forsworn boots;
-fur shoes (bandit boots);
-mythic dawn shoes;
-prisoner shoes (footwraps).

DLC01 Dawnguard pack:
-footwraps (bloody);
-moth priest sandals.

INSTALLATION: use modmanager or extract the files manually into your Skyrim Data folder with overwriting.

UNINSTALLATION: via modmanager or remove the mod's files from Skyrim Data folder.

Made for me myself, then decided to share. Enjoy.