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Semi-permanently paralyzes a target

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Why this exists:
I was playing through Skyrim for my second or third time through and felt that the arsenal of magic readily available to the Dragonborn seems rather limited. So I decided to create a mod that more realistically shows the power of a sorcerer from a medieval legend. You can decide for yourself if you think it's lore-unfriendly or just badass.

What this mod does:
This mod adds four spells to the game: "Ultimate Paralysis", "Ultimate Paralysis Ray", "Ultimate Mass Paralysis", and "Ultimate Paralysis Release". The names pretty much say it all. Use "Ultimate Paralysis" on pretty much any normal character (hostile or friendly) and they will freeze like a statue. Use "Ultimate Paralysis Ray" to get a beam of lightning that paralyzes anyone it touches. Use "Ultimate Mass Paralysis" to paralyze any NPC in direct line of sight (you will need to cast twice to deal with NPCs using other NPCs as human shields). Use "Ultimate Paralysis Release" and the targeted NPC will unfreeze and go back to whatever they were doing. The spell tomes for all spells are lying on the floor of Breezehome in Whiterun.
Note: Some characters (notably, dragons) are immune to these spells because it would break the game. For some reason, they cannot be unfrozen, so the spell has been intentionally disabled on them.

The major highlights:
  • Paralysis spell with little to no magicka cost
  • Targets stay frozen for a week or until released
  • Has no effect on NPC relations with the Dragonborn
  • Perfect for pacifist runs
  • New in v1.3 "Ultimate Mass Paralysis" spell paralyzes all NPCs within a moderate range if they are in direct line of sight

Creds to Magiska for the third person spellcasting animations you see in my screenshots.