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Team up with Raven, a beautiful altmer adventurer!

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A Little Back Story:

Meet Raven of clan Fasendil, professional adventurer/trouble maker. Although she is a bit of a loner, it is mostly due to her career choice. She grew up in Skyrim in a good household where nothing bad or ill-willed happened to her whatsoever, so no one can say she has a tragic backstory!!! (I'm looking at you MXR!) Hearing rumors about bandits searching for treasure in Bleak Falls Barrow she decided to investigate. Before her journey she stops off at the River Wood Trader for supplies. It is here that she meets the dragon born; or doesn't, it really depends if you decide to talk to her or not.

This is a standalone follower mod based off of one of my race menu presets. This is my first actual mod that I have ever made, so constructive criticism is welcome! Right now all you can do with her is ask you to fallow you and help you in your adventures. She does not have any extra dialogue options or unique items for now; I do plan on adding to this mod in the future. I recommend using Amazing Follower Tweaks and Follower Commentary Overhaul. She is non-essential, but an essential option has been added. I did this because, if you use Amazing Follower Tweaks you can make non-essential followers essential, but I cant seem to get it to work well the other way around. I tried to make her a good fighter, but not overpowered; she also has increased health and enhanced carry weight. In my opinion, followers are supposed to add to your game while not making it too easy. She can help you fight but you also have to keep her alive.

  • Female Sultry Voice
  • CBBE body with HTD Physics
  • Height: 1.05
  • Custom 8K, 4k, and 2k Demonic Body textures
  • Eyes of Aber eye textures
  • KS Hair meshes and textures
  • Better Female Eye Brows - eye brows
  • Custom High Elf race
  • Levels with the player
  • Uses the Forsworn missile class
  • Fights with bows, spells, and swords
  • Base 300 HP, 200 Mag, 100 Sta
  • Boosted 400 base carry weight
  • Sand Boxes (interacts with her environment)
  • Non-Essential and Essential options

Required Mods (For Physics):
  • HDT Physics Extensions
  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS

Recommended Mods:
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks -  seriously if you are not using this Why do you even bother with followers (JK but seriously, its a good mod for getting the most out of your companions!)
  • Follower Commentary Overhaul  -  This gives your follower more voice lines to choose from when sand boxing or exploring.
  • Face Light  -  Helps you see her face better.
Installation and usage:
  • Use the nexus mod manager or extract the file under your Skyrim data folder.
  • Launch Skyrim.
  • Find Raven at the River Wood Trader.
  • Build a shrine to Todd Howard.
  • Enjoy!

If you would rather play as raven than have her as a companion (or combo up and play as Raven with a Raven companion!) Here is a link to her race menu preset!

Future Plans:
  • Add an essential version for those who don't want to worry about keeping her alive. Done!
  • Add some lower resolution texture options. Done!
  • Add more conversation options.
  • Give Raven custom armor and weapons.


Q: Can I use her in my mod?
A: Yes, but check with me first.

Q: Can I upload this mod on another cite?
A: No.

Q: Why is she wearing fur armor?
A: Because I haven't gotten around to creating her custom armor in the CE yet. You can achieve the same look by using the Barbarian Hero armor from the immersive armor mod and mixing in a bunch of the armor bits form the bikini armor mods.

Q: Where is my Skyrim data folder?
A: IDK where did you leave it?

Q: What ENB did you use?
A: Check the credits section.

Q: Where is the credits section?
A: Scroll down a bit more.

Freckle Mania
Demonic- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K
CBBE with BodySlide and Outfit Studio
KS Hairdos - Renewal
Eyes of Aber
The Coenaculi
Ravens Warpaint
Seductive Lips HD
Tetrachromatic ENB