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Adds thousands of trees to the mod Beyond Reach - version 4.0 and higher. Updated 5/14/2019 with fixes, 3D trees and a performance version with lowered texture sizes

Permissions and credits
Dark Forests of Skyrim

Beyond Reach edition

by mobiusbelmont

 Beyond Reach is required for this mod (version 4.0beta and higher)

General Info:

- This mod adds over 1000 trees to the Arnima worldspace for the mod Beyond Reach. 

- Beyond Reach v 4.0beta or higher is required 

- This mod does NOT replace vanilla assets in the Skyrim worldspace, it only adds new trees to High Rock (Arnima worldspace)


- If you use a mod that changes vanilla trees in Skyrim, it will change them in High Rock as Beyond Reach and DFOS Beyond Reach use pines and aspens from Skyrim.  Mods like Skyrim Flora overhaul, Dark Fantasy Overhaul, Realistic Aspen Trees, All Dead trees, The Blue Forest, Fantasy Forest Overhaul etc will require you to use DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen to regenerate tree LOD for the ArnimaDUPLICATE worldspace

-Should be compatible with all mods for Beyond Reach.  If there are issues, please report and I'll fix them.  I will support all mods for Beyond Reach

- This mod adds ONLY trees to High Rock worldspace


 - Choose only ONE main file.

 - Core Files plus billboards require DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen.  You need this file if you plan to use mods that change vanilla pines and aspens as stated above

 - Performance version available in the optional files section.  All textures reduced in size to 512

Change Log:

 1.0 initial release

 1.1 cleaned plugin with xEdit

 2.0 - removed many unnecessary files
 - added several new tree models
 - added more trees to new areas i
 - many trees are MUCH bigger in the pine forests
 - fixed floating and misplaced trees

2.1 - hotfix for floating trees

3D-1- replaced 23 tree models (3AM dead pines and gkbtrees) with 3D trees by Mathy79
  - fixed a few floating trees
  - fixed a few dirty edits and cleaned plugin in xEdit 
  - removed unused assets

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Mathy79 for the 3D trees
Zhoulia for the dead snowy pine re-texture
Mentha for some of the colorful aspens and pines
gkb for the amazing gree tree resouces
3AMt for the dead pines
Tamira for Hoddminir trees
Phitt for the Sheogorad Resources
Zilav for the amazing billboard generator tool