Sacrosanct and Vampiric Thirst Compatibility patch (partly WIP) by KaminaDrill
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Added: 12/01/2017 - 05:24AM
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Last updated at 5:13, 12 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 5:24, 12 Jan 2017

Enai updated SCS to version 3, this patch was designed for version 2.0.3. While porting new (awesome!) stuff would take some time, I believe this patch could be installed over SCS 3.x.x, but some changes may not take effect (new Blue Blood quest should not work). Other than that, there would be little difference between using 2.0.3 and >3 versions.

Basically, patch does what it says - merges VT and SCS. However, while those 2 mods in my perspective are complementary to each other (they benefit greatly from one another and thats why I made this patch), they are standalone Vampire overhauls on their own, so choices were made to let them play along as well as some balancing. Some of the abilities are left over because of balance issues (too much spells) and my laziness (ye), but could probably be brought back at some point. Your suggestions on how to make them play nice would greatly speed up the process.

Mechanics overview

Basic vampire mechanics are inherited from Vampiric Thirst, as follows:

Aging system (Fledgling, Childe, ...) and following bonuses and bonus scaling
Hunger and blood system managment (no distinct hunger stages, blood meter that fuels vampiric powers and spells)
Blood experience abilities learning (no abilities given for free, starve and feed to gain blood points, spend them on abilities)
Hemomancy integrated into Blood Magic caterogy, costs 2-2-2-3 to learn, Profaned Sun unlocks only after the rest are learned


Hemomancy learning menu descriptions are VERY WIP YET. You'll know it when you'll see. Its left that way to motivate you to help. I'm not an english speaker nor a writer, so its quite hard for me to come up with a worthy and descriptive text. Your help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Vampire Lord mechanics are derived fully from Sacrosanct:

Magicka regenerated only in melee form, stamina reg only in flight form.
SCS perk tree - copied and partly modificated
Hemomancy available in VL form (to keep it consistent), only in left hand tho

Vampire Lord perks changes:

Most perks now add VT mortal spell version as well, if any
- changed into Chiroptera: Adds SCS Echolocation and VT Bat spells (both VL and mortal version, no cd but blood cost)
White Wolf - now affects VT Mesmerism Seduction, adds 15 lvl and allows to advance vampire perks when emtrying prey
Psychic Vampire - I had a hard time copying SCS mechanic to it, so now it makes the target leave combat and turns off NPC detection (console tdetect) for 10 secs.
Embrace the Beast - since there is no Beast stage anymore, reverted the perk to its previous stage - now it gives you Vampire Command. The whole brand now feels kinda more social-skillz based, so I guess its cool.
Blood Bond - doesnt work, but its broken in SCS as well
Amaranth - since in VT you already can diablerize vampires, now it allows Mesmerize Seduction to affect vampires, but for 3 times lower duration (10 secs) and adds 30% skill bonuses and fear cloak for 5 minutes as well.

Lost abilities:

VT - Now VL doesnt have bat cloak, now it toggles automatically in combat for free. Mortal version is still there.


Flaywind - didnt figure where to stick it, because there is no 4 stage anymore and its quite OP as is and there are plenty other ablilties. Its cool tho so I'm thinking on it. Any advice is welcome
Mytherceria - not added, probably could be perk-ed
Obfuscate - there is Embrace of Shadows already, probably could be added as an improved version
Nightwalk - there is a mortal mistform version


Obviously, Sacrosanct and Vampiric Thirst
SKSE 1.7+

IF DOESNT WORK YOU PROBABLY MIGHT NEED ConsoleUtil SKSE plugin but its unlikely

Load order:

Vampiric Thirst


Download and install with any mod manager (preferred), or just drop in Data folder
files are loose, because for some reason problems kick in when I try to make .bsa, probably will figure it out later and add .bsa version


Enai Siaion - no info about permissions on page, but as far as I know, he is okay with such things. But dont want to ask directly because
people asking for comp patches makes him upset and I dont want that
(thats a joke (not really))
Miss Leeches - mod page says its ok
h38fh2mf - utilities


h38fh2mf - for making ConsoleUtils SKSE plugin, I included its files in release, but Im not sure if they needed