Morrowind and Oblivion Race Heights by Bitstreamz
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Added: 08/02/2012 - 03:27AM
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Last updated at 19:18, 6 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 3:27, 8 Feb 2012

It would appear that the creator of Height Adjusted Races with True Giants has decided to implement Morrowind heights in his mod now. Go get his mod if mine creates conflicts or does not work for you "Height Adjusted Races - Morrowind Lore Heights v3"

*Better screenshots on the way at some point when I'm not studying or sleeping feel free to upload your own in my absence*

I was a bit confused when Bethesda decided to change the race heights that have been virtually consistant since 2002.

I tried a few height mods but none of them were close enough to the old lore for my tastes. Therefore I decided to bring back the old race heights.

I used the original Morrowind scale values for this mod. Oblivion heights are EXACTLY the same except Redguard males are .01 taller. I'll upload an oblivion version if anyone requests it.

Someone requested bigger giants. There's plenty of mods that do that. Try:
You Better Run by Godric