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I noticed lack of elven characters presets and decided to share mine.
The first one is for young Dunmer lady Velyna.
Note: this preset will also look fine on Altmer characters however the brow area and area between them will look slightly malformed.

This absolutely won't work for human characters, mer exclusive!


Obviously RaceMenu and all its requirements

If you want your character to look exactly like mine you will need:

 - Fair Skin Complexion (install everything except eyes re-mesh)
 - KS Hairdos - HDT (you can use non-HDT version as well but it will require to adjust hairstyle manually)
 - The Eyes Of Beauty (make sure to install Elven Edition as well)
 - Brows

 As a side note: I use HDT enabled femalehead.nif from BodySlide, it will probably work on ECE femalehead.nif as well but I didn't test it


Download via manager
- OR -
Download manually and put the file into Data\skse\plugins\CharGen\Presets\ directory
Make sure that your race set to Dunmer and gender to female
Use RaceMenu export feature and select the preset


Expired for Racemenu
HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion
Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for KS Hairdos
LogRaam for The Eyes of Beauty
lthot aka Hvergelmer for Brows