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The nexusmods backup of Skywrit - a utitlity to facilitate modding quest content with Python sources.

It's a Python library that implements an adapter for the TES5Edit scripts:

  • from a defined plugin schema, an exportjson.pas script is generated, which will store plugin contents in a JSON file
  • another Python script is capable of detecting changes to said JSON, and produces a custom TES5Edit script that updates back the edited plugin (this part is not fully done yet)
  • furthermore, there is a neatly organized Python code produced from the JSON data; each quest data in a separate Python module, etc.
  • this Python code when executed unmodified generates back the original JSON data, and it's easier to edit.
  • a full domain specific language (with pretty-printer & parser, bells and whistles) is outside of the scope,
  • a better application is producing information about dialogue lines, something along the vaticidal/hintsva demo page

See README.txt for setup and usage details