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The Alternatives series are retextures of key locations to give them a new look.

For best results, it is highly recommend to install the following:

No Stretching

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Install my mods(s) afterward. Overwrite when prompted.


Latest version 1.4.
Retexture of Whiterun. By default, roof color is brown. These can be changed between Blue, Yellow or Brown as an optional download. Just overwrite files when prompted.

My other Retextures:
-- Alternatives Solitude --



NMM install:

If installing a Add-On with NMM, , say NO to the upgrade, then YES to overwrite.
Saying yes to the upgrade will un-install the main mod and upgrade to the add-on only.

Im unsure how to stop it from asking you to upgrade, but it seem to have something to do with the naming scheme.

Manual Installation:
Download and Extract the 7zip file. Copy the DATA folder in the 7zip archive to your Skyrim main directory.
Same proceedure for Add-Ons.

Uninstall: Delete the folder Whiterun located in the Steam directory at (Data/textures/architecture/ WHITERUN


Recommended Mods that go well with this:
Pines of Whiterun by: Vallkyrie

Landscaped Breezehome by: ohiogramps


* Krucify, for the use of Better Doors
Be sure to visit the Nexus page & give an endorse :)

* Bethseda for a great game.