Aspen Point Cottage by Kriemen
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Aspen Point Cottage

A modest, little, upper class cottage on the northern shore of Lake Ilinalta.
The cottage is located in a shady glade, near the entrance to Brittleshin Pass.

It is intentionally kept simple and requires no DLC.


  •  2 single beds
  •  1 double bed
  •  Basement with 6 single beds (can be toggled on/off)
  •  Cooking pot
  •  Alchemy station
  •  Enchanting station
  •  Some custom containers
  •  2 custom bookcases
  •  Tanning rack
  •  Wood chopping block
  •  Small dock with boat (can be toggled on/off)
  •  Crafting area and smelter (When toggled it becomes a vegetable garden)

Notes :

  Have added 2 custom bookcases. I've tried hard to get an "everyday used" feel with them. Some books are angled so the havok
  will lay them in the correct direction. If the books don't fall corrctly, just activate the bookcase and exit.
  DO NOT remove books without activating as the book counters mess up. Then books tend to disappear into the realms of
  Oblivion and Urag gets quite upset.


This is just a quick look at at my "wip" version of Aspen Point Cottage. It may be slightly different to the current release.
The published Skyrim and Skyrim SE versions are identical.

Release Notes

Version 003 is now available.

Please see the comments section for release notes.


1 - Create a new save. (keep your old one safe)
2 - Just place AspenPoint.esp and AspenPoint.bsa into skyrim\data or use MO/NMM
3 - Enjoy...


If this is not to your liking, simply remove any stashed loot, delete AspenPoint.esp, AspenPoint.bsa and the new save.

Or (better still)

Open it in Creation Kit and hack it about until your heart's content. Have fun with it and learn CK at the same time. [grin]
Anything I've diddled / created has the prefix ASP and does not overwrite any vanilla objects.
If you release a mod based on this, let me know and I'll make a link to it.


Please feel free to upload your own images, tips and suggestions for future ideas.
Please don't post this mod on other sites, (Nexus only release)
Please feel free to link to it.

Credits.txt has credits for the resources used/referenced in this mod.

Please respect permissions for the assets I've used, that were created by others.
(Check each one's mod page)

Generally: Free to use/modify with credits given on mod page/readme etc
           Do not use for paid mods
           Do not convert to other games/platforms  
           Do not post on steam

If you wish to translate, edit, redecorate, etc and release your vision of this mod, permission is granted.
All I ask is that you : Credit me as the original author.
                        Add a link back to this mod.
                        Let me know, so I can add a link to your mod.
                        Think kindly of me on occasion...


Some of these resources I've used. Some, I have gotten ideas and inspiration from.
A big thank you to all for the resources kindly shared, that we may all use, modify and learn from.
(If I've forgotten anybody or misinterpreted permissions, please PM me so I can rectify it.)

Ac3s and subtanker for writing this tutorial.

Alchemy Clutter Resource by Blary

Bathing Suit in a pool Script and files by Jet4571

Displays - Dragon Claw and others by Lazz

Elianora's Extra Resources by Elianora

Ennead Banners by Studio Kasumi

Flag banner by GreyFox77

General Displays by Tueffel

Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary

Markarth City Banner Retexture by Sydzilla

Modder Display Compendium - Custom Displays for the Collectible Items found in Skyrim by MrDanSG1

Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67

New Plants V 1.3 by Tamira
Yughues aka Nobiax ( for creating almost all of the original models and textures
Birdy ( for creating the decidious tree mesh.

No Moving Banners Indoors by steveowashere

OpenBooks Resource by Blary

Paintings and Frames by Artisanix

Painting resource for mods by jet4571

Phitt's Morrowind Style Lanterns by Phitt and Tamira

Strotis Outdoor Toilet Resource for Skyrim by Stroti. Converted by Tamira
This is a conversion of Stroti's Outdoor Toilet Resource, originally published for Oblivion.
You can find the original resource files here.

Teddybears 1.1 by Tamira and Arion
Original model of the teddy: Abitor

Everybody who has given me suggestions, tips, encouragement and pointed out my errors.
Without you, my mods would not be what they are now. I thank you.