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A Tool to configure Skyrim.

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The Skyrim configurator tool is a Qt based GUI to edit the configuration files of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

just unpack this and run the program.

External sources:
PlayBlack Studios

Q: How does the Preview function work?
A: it's just showing screenshots with the setting applied

Thanks to:
FrikysKiller - Spanish translation

-fixed occasional value changes
-added float-point render-target
-added always active
-added lip background loading
-added facegen background loading
-added Radial blur level option "off" to turn of radial blur completly
-added donate link to about window

-fixed start up crash when configs were read-only
-added Block distance
-added split distance multiplier
-added sky cell fade distance
-added near distance sliders
-added multi-language support
-added about dialogue

-added option to disable the intro
-added grass shadow option(doesn't seem to work yet, mailed bethesda about that)
-added "unload cells on fast travel" option
-added "allow screenshots" option
-added file selection option for the launcher
-fixed a bug in the importer
-fixed save path corruption

-added export and import window
-added "enable border regions" option
-added Shadow LOD and border region preview handler

1.4 quick-fix
-added "uExterior Cell Buffer" changes

-added import/export function
-added menu-bar
-fixed save location overwrite issue
-added keyboard shortcuts
-added version display in the upper right corner
-added shadow LOD checkbox

-re-added mouse sliders for X and Y
-fixed some bugs
-re-wrote preview system for easier updating
-previews are now stored externaly
-updated "texture quality" previews(official HD pack)

-changed the value loading(if value is higher thatn the max. of the slider, the slider maximum will be raised now)
-added previews for "transparency MSAA", "V-Sync", "Depth-of-Field"
-added tool-tip for "transparency MSAA"

-added "-logging" start parameter
-added shadow mask quarter previews
-added shadow bias previews
-added additional simplified shadow settings tab
-added tab icons

-fixed ini parser not ignoring comments(lines starting with ";")
-added reload button to reload values from config, without restarting the tool
-added dual-preview function
-added some tool-tips
-added water reflection previews
-raised limit of tree draw distance slider and actor draw distance slider
-fixed a bug which set sun shadow update time to 0

-added Grid loading sliders
--added preview for grids
-added Tree load distance sliders
--added preview for tree loading
-added Grass density sliders
--added preview for grass density
-added Quest markers/floating Quest markers checkboxes
-added Compass checkbox
-added General/Dialogue subtitles checkboxes
-added Sun shadow update time slider
-added Sun update threshold slider

-changed the way how new keyvalues are created(doesn't automatically throw all new ones into Skyrim.ini),
because it seems like it does have an effect(thanks to Apprentice Harper for pointing that out)

-added savegame manager(change savegame folder, backup/restore savegames)
-added more preview images
-changed distance limits back to 10,000
-fixed a bug which set all LOD sliders to 1 instead of using the values in the ini files

-removed "Use 3.0 Shaders"
-removed "Use 3.0 Fog"
-removed "Dynamic Window reflections"
-removed "Grass Shadows"
-removed "High Res"
-removed tab "Sound"
-removed tab "Keyboard"
-added "advanced" options to enable advanced options
-added "restore old config" button to restore configs
-implemented backup system, saves a backup file everytime before new values are saved
-added "threaded" checkboxes
-added several tool tips
-added Water multi-sampling slider
-fixed save path corruption

-fixed preview

-fixed shadow resolution slider

-initial release